Thursday, 17 September 2009

Elia, Hiam et Dima

I've stated it before and I'll state it again, I don't care for celebrities. Frankly, the line ups in front of theatres and hotels amuse me. This week at TIFF however I got to be in the presence of people in film I admire, and are a different kind of celebrity (if even to be called celebrity since they are not known at all).

At the Toronto Declaration discussion Monday night, I bumped into and got stared at by my country's own, more charming version of Buster Keaton (read: Elia Suleiman whose new film The Time that Remains is being screened at TIFF) AND, AND...wait for the screening of Chaque jour est une fĂȘte (Every Day is a Holiday), I met one of my girl
crushes. Although I could not tell her that I find her ravissante in front of the crowd, I did, when given the chance to come face to face, tell her how much I've been wanting to meet her. I also took a few minutes to admire her beauty up close. I'm talking about Hiam Abbass - the woman who makes wrinkles so elegant. I also got to share a laugh with Chaque jour est une fĂȘte (Every Day is a Holiday) director Dima El-Horr, an absolutely adorable and brilliant woman who directed an excellent and highly recommend film too! But before I end this post, I have one comment for TIFF movie goers who are about to go see a non-Hollywood film discussing Middle-Eastern issues: please, do yourself a favour, read the synopsis and research the situation before you ask unnecessary questions that are a complete waste of time (read: "How did the women survive without water?") Such silly questions can be answered by a) reading the synopsis and realizing that it mixes realities of life with absurdities, and b) realizing the film took place throughout an afternoon, not even a full day. Therefore, humans are able to survive approximately three days without water. Furthermore, when addressing the director with your questions, keep in mind her first language is not English - she was clearly fluent in Arabic and French and tried her best to answer you with her English, if you don't understand her explanation, be nicer about it. Oh and don't forget, TPFF starts on September 26.

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