Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Runway of Nostalgia

I have a lot of articles due to be submitted which I must get to ASAP. I also have a few that, once live, I'll be sharing with you. Today, I give you my review (with anecdote) of the Ryerson School of Fashion's graduate show Mass Exodus. It's over at This is World Town, so click here to check it out.

And speaking of fashion, I make a brief cameo on Fashion Television's coverage of WomenXWomen. I do some pointing and talking in like three clips, but I think it's rad, so click here to see if you can spot the yuppie.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

[FAT] April 21-25

Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week, 2010

Shows I'm going to see/Shows I was suggested to see:
- Romandin
- Diepo
- youth.inasia
- Heidi Ackerman
- Jasper Garvida (winner of Project Catwalk)
- Worth by David C Wrigley
- Aimee Tobolka
- Refined by Evan Biddell

April 21-25, 2010
Studio City, 1 Pardee Avenue, (Liberty Village)
Tickets: $25 at select locations, $30 at the door (per night), $70 (week pass)
Full schedule and more information here

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Double Exposure

I covered the WomenXWomen show and wrote about it. Photographer Sarah Blais of Thirty9Steps took photos. It was a show about female photographers after all so it's only natural I opted for one, right? Read the article here, my second for This is World Town.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Shuffle it, shuffle it

I just realized I forgot about Omar's tag from a few weeks ago. So without further adue, a quick list of what happens when ipod's are shuffled (mine freezes actually after the 50th song):
  1. Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club (Ted & Francis Remix) - this version beats the one by The Twelves who are masters of mixing in my mind, but they are defeated with this one.
  2. Gangsta Luv (Mayer Hawthorne G-Mix) - Snoop Dogg - I'm not a Snoop fan, but Mayer Hawthorne makes your feet work in this one
  3. Qalle Alhakeem - Azar Habib - I have a variety of Arab songs on my ipod, and Azar Habib fills a large amount of it. Not many know him, or they know the song, but not the singer. Regardless, everyone should listen to him.
  4. Queen Bitch - Lil' Kim - "I used to wear Moschino, but every bitch got it." Lil' Kim, will always have street cred, she's a true G, no matter what she does/wears/writes.
  5. Schizophrenia - Sonic Youth - Who doesn't have a Sonic Youth jam lingering? In my case, many.
  6. Partir Loin - Rim.K ft Reda Taliani - French rap is of essence, and so is raï (Algerian music - which I adore). This one mixes both.
  7. Batwannis Beek - Warda - Another Arabic singer most people don't know is actually from Algeria, Warda's music frequently played in our household and continues to do so on my ipod.
  8. The Cranberries - Away - The Yuppie's favourite band? The Cranberries. Pop quiz: This song plays in the car during a scene in what movie? Hint: the main character is kicked out of the car wearing an Aliya dress.
  9. Broken Social Scene - All to All - If you haven't heard of BSS, this blog isn't for you. This Canadian band revives their old sound (okay from 3-4 years ago) with this track from their new record. Did I ever tell you that I met Brendan Canning outside Sweaty Betty's? Be still my heart!
  10. Intee Wal Watar - Charbel Rouhana - From a CD Baby Girl lent me, so it's special.
  11. Odessa - Caribou - A creative academic? It's possible. You'll commit these dance moves when listening to this: Shake your shoulders frontwards, fancy footwork, cross the dancefloor, and do the marshmallow.
  12. Good Time - Brazilian Girls - Lead singer oozes sexy, and the video is lovely. This song just puts you in a good mood.
  13. Never Known Love - Thieves Like Us - The main reason I love Thieves Like Us: it's cliché but every song they produce is relatable to something felt by your broken adolescent heart
  14. The Cypher - Juice Crew All Stars - For those of you that don't know what true hip-hop is, I introduce you to Roxanne Shanté: "You sleepin but I stay armed, and dangerous, no matter what your name is, bitch I make you famous"
  15. Ya Lomi - Ragheb Alama. Okay, I admit, I cheated. I put this one in because a certain someone hates it, but it's basically our Cairo anthem, so, sue me for cheating. Remember, I hate order.
  16. Les Fourmis - Jean Leloup - Thanks to Dre, I have tons of Jean, and I adore the mix of beats in this one.
So, I'm supposed to tag someone, but I have a feeling no one will commit to producing this. Proposition: it's a free for all - whoever reads this post and has a blog, just shuffle your ipod and make a list of the first 16 songs you get.


yeah...they are two months late.

Dining hall. Princeton. Harry Potter-ish.


Ray, the Egg Cream guy

Keith Harring


No sleep 'till Brooklyn

Before Sunset, but in the wrong city.


Graphic edition.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Coccolily’s Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

Sibling #1 (because she's older) sent me an email featuring Montreal based line Coccolily's new lookbook. It's impressive, and I wanted to share with you her cute and edgy (dare I use them in the same sentence?) collection for Autumn/Winter 2010.







Sunday, 4 April 2010

J'aime le noir, j'aime la musique noir

With the help of my good photographer friend Renata (she snapped, I wrote, we both observed), I bring you my first article for This is World Town. Enjoy the review of the THOMAS and Cult de Laissez Faire menswear lines. Read it here