Monday, 12 April 2010

Shuffle it, shuffle it

I just realized I forgot about Omar's tag from a few weeks ago. So without further adue, a quick list of what happens when ipod's are shuffled (mine freezes actually after the 50th song):
  1. Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club (Ted & Francis Remix) - this version beats the one by The Twelves who are masters of mixing in my mind, but they are defeated with this one.
  2. Gangsta Luv (Mayer Hawthorne G-Mix) - Snoop Dogg - I'm not a Snoop fan, but Mayer Hawthorne makes your feet work in this one
  3. Qalle Alhakeem - Azar Habib - I have a variety of Arab songs on my ipod, and Azar Habib fills a large amount of it. Not many know him, or they know the song, but not the singer. Regardless, everyone should listen to him.
  4. Queen Bitch - Lil' Kim - "I used to wear Moschino, but every bitch got it." Lil' Kim, will always have street cred, she's a true G, no matter what she does/wears/writes.
  5. Schizophrenia - Sonic Youth - Who doesn't have a Sonic Youth jam lingering? In my case, many.
  6. Partir Loin - Rim.K ft Reda Taliani - French rap is of essence, and so is raï (Algerian music - which I adore). This one mixes both.
  7. Batwannis Beek - Warda - Another Arabic singer most people don't know is actually from Algeria, Warda's music frequently played in our household and continues to do so on my ipod.
  8. The Cranberries - Away - The Yuppie's favourite band? The Cranberries. Pop quiz: This song plays in the car during a scene in what movie? Hint: the main character is kicked out of the car wearing an Aliya dress.
  9. Broken Social Scene - All to All - If you haven't heard of BSS, this blog isn't for you. This Canadian band revives their old sound (okay from 3-4 years ago) with this track from their new record. Did I ever tell you that I met Brendan Canning outside Sweaty Betty's? Be still my heart!
  10. Intee Wal Watar - Charbel Rouhana - From a CD Baby Girl lent me, so it's special.
  11. Odessa - Caribou - A creative academic? It's possible. You'll commit these dance moves when listening to this: Shake your shoulders frontwards, fancy footwork, cross the dancefloor, and do the marshmallow.
  12. Good Time - Brazilian Girls - Lead singer oozes sexy, and the video is lovely. This song just puts you in a good mood.
  13. Never Known Love - Thieves Like Us - The main reason I love Thieves Like Us: it's cliché but every song they produce is relatable to something felt by your broken adolescent heart
  14. The Cypher - Juice Crew All Stars - For those of you that don't know what true hip-hop is, I introduce you to Roxanne Shanté: "You sleepin but I stay armed, and dangerous, no matter what your name is, bitch I make you famous"
  15. Ya Lomi - Ragheb Alama. Okay, I admit, I cheated. I put this one in because a certain someone hates it, but it's basically our Cairo anthem, so, sue me for cheating. Remember, I hate order.
  16. Les Fourmis - Jean Leloup - Thanks to Dre, I have tons of Jean, and I adore the mix of beats in this one.
So, I'm supposed to tag someone, but I have a feeling no one will commit to producing this. Proposition: it's a free for all - whoever reads this post and has a blog, just shuffle your ipod and make a list of the first 16 songs you get.

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  1. Charbel, Azar, and Wards, all great picks. There's a great "live" version of inti wal watar here