Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Gypsies the Love Affair

I can't explain it but I'm fascinated with gypsies. It could be from watching "Le Bossu de Notre Dame" too many times but anyway...I've said it before and I'll say it again, my favourite Fleetwood Mac song is "Gypsy" and I was even thinking of posting an ad on Craigslist requesting the company of a gypsy. I also like to make friends with Romanians because there's a lot of gypsies around there so I'm hoping to get introduced. I don't care if they steal my gold and passport. Frankly, I don't know where my gold is and my passport, well, hmm, it's a bad photo anyway.

Throughout my life, I've gone to see two gypsies. One more than 13 years ago courtesy of my mom, the other, who semi drugged me, was a recent experience. The latter was lame. I doubt her gypsiness frankly, hence why she drugged me.

The gypsies told me similar things, except for the fact that the experiences were over 13 years apart.

Both gypsies said I'd have two loves throughout my life. To a ten year old, that stuff doesn't matter, to a twenty something, that's essential. I'm quite certain I've surpassed that number, however, there's one I can't figure out if it was lust or love, so does that mean there is one left? Look gypsies, you're both wrong. But then I stop and think, no...gypsies can't be wrong! Another gypsy, a Samaria Jew in the desert whom I've never met, told someone I would never fall in love until the curse is broken. This is starting to freak me out. First of all, what curse? Where's my hand of Fatima? And my blue rock that repels the evil eye?

One gypsy told me I would be wealthy, another gypsy said I wouldn't worry about work, but said I'd be comfortable. A promotion in fact. Liar. As of awhile, I'm nouveau pauvre, a term I've continuously used to describe myself, so maybe this coming into money thing happens a) when I find love #2 and marry into money or b) get some job that pays well which will happen by the time I'm old. More details gypsy, more!!!

The new gypsy told me I would live in two countries my entire life. That's already been done, since I'm not born in Canada, I'm assuming I'm dying in Canada? First gypsy said I'd die in my 80s. That's way too old, bring the Samaria gypsy back, I need to ask her something. Maybe she'll confirm that I will indeed die of a drug overdose like I envisioned when I was 16. Highly unlikely.

What about happiness? No gypsies mentioned anything about this. But according to the Samaria Jew, there won't be much of it thanks to her comment. I'll swim in my imaginary money, thanks.

Note to anyone venturing out to discover gypsies, the desert ones are to be feared. Which is why I will go out and find one. I'm lacking adventure lately. Won't you join me?
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Monday, 22 June 2009

Yuppie adventures

At the other side of the universe, a.k.a. Yonge and Eglington,

I watched "The Hangover". Yeah, not funny. I laughed only a few times, so why is everyone saying it's hold your ribs type of funny? Get it together people, that movie was so predictable and un-inspiring. Why doesn't talent ever get celebrated?

On my way to a Saturday morning meeting, I cheat on my Ella's Uncle routine and go to Manic Coffee cause it's on my way but then I realize,

their large coffee is $2.40! Now I'm more than willing to pay for your "fair trade" coffee beans, however, don't buy the low quality stuff. This coffee was not good. At all. Their lattes are good though. Is someone attempting a Starbucks by serving bad coffee in order to increase sale of milk drinks? Je pense que oui.

At Wrongbar for NXNE,

I met a persistent male who claimed he was a porn star for a living. He also claimed to be the man of my dreams after he asked me if I remembered his name, which I didn't. He then asked me if I had ever met one before. A porn star, not the man of my dreams. Now where would I find them? Tip for this guy, claiming to be a porn star doesn't help your game. If anything I'm washing my hands right now. He then asked me if me or my friend were driving home. I told him, I'm from the city. He was shocked since it's impossible someone from Toronto would go out in the city right? That's another 100 points off homie. Don't ever call a girl who has never lived in the suburbs a suburbanite.

Outside, attempting to escape the humidity that may cause my hair to explode,

we overhear a conversation: One male 905 and his clan of three female 905ers, one of which was wearing a prom-ish dress from Le Chateau, another a pair of four inch, pink pointy shoes, were upset about not being able to get in. Their words were: "I'm a guy with three hot chicks and ready to pay the cover and he won't let us in. What gives?" Take your money and use it at Century Room, you're at the wrong bar.

After Wrongbar,

I tried out Poutini's. They even have vegetarian gravy. It's good, and definitely not as heavy as Smoke's. The owners are from Ottawa (according to the cashier). Represent. But word of advice to the girl with the fake Balenciaga* dressed like a semi-prosti hanging out with the dude in the True Religion jeans outside the resto...stop staring, it's rude. I can see you. Next time, I'll ask how much, yeah I'll do it, watch me!

*I'd like to point out that I purchased a fake Balenciaga back in 2005. This girl had a brand spanking new fake. The Aldo one.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Social Media Revolution

A few weeks ago, I watched Persepolis. Afterwards, I sat down on my computer and composed an email to someone about how I felt after watching this film. The email talked about how I felt like my parents had grown up in a time that I will only experience by immersing myself in old newspaper clippings and video clips. They lived in a time of revolution, of change, of people fighting for what they believed in, and they were happy, because they had accomplished something. I wanted to feel this something.
I think back to when I was 16. I felt it, slightly, only because it was for a terribly short time. For two weeks one summer I lived in a refugee camp, under curfew, playing cards, drinking tea and conversing with the native people, my people. I waited, uncertain about the outcome. To the occupants of this camp, I was temporary. A child living amongst them for two weeks, who will return home to the parallel universe she lives in. I did return, reluctantly in fact, but I didn't forget. Out of the 23 years I have lived, those two weeks were the only time I can say I actually felt like I had lived.
Currently, if you turn your television on, if you read the newspaper and surf the internet, you come across a sea of people marching through the streets, demanding to be heard. And this image prompted me to think to myself, "this is happening, this is really happening, in fact, it's occurring during my time!" And although I am far away, and even as a non-Iranian, I feel their courage and I hear their voices. Iran's approach to change is fascinating. In the 1970s when Iranians were desperate for a change in government (under the Shah's rule), they found comfort in the teachings of an older man named Ruhollah Khomeini, a man who promised to transform the government. And although the drastic change that took place in 1979 was not the utopia Iran envisioned for itself, Khomeini did something cutting-edge when he spread this revolution. This idea is what is now helping the Iranian people send their message to the world. Back in the 1970s, Khomeini under exile in France, used one of the first forms of social media. He recorded his messages and teachings on audio cassettes which were then passed around and inevitably helped cause the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Right now, the people of Iran, whose votes in a faulty election need a voice, are using today's popular forms of communication to spread their message. Like Khomeini's cassettes, Iranians are using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs to arrange protests aimed at getting their votes for Mousavi back, regardless of their geographical locations. Even as the Iranian government attempts to block access to social networking websites in order to prevent the people from marching, this tenacious people have managed to flood the internet with information regarding the current situation. People are listening, even changing their Twitter time to Iran's time, in order to help Iranians safely spread their message and fool the government. a revolution. unity. fighting the status quo and rising up for what you believe. And what will get your voices heard.

Robert Fisk on Iran:

One Time, édition Yuppie

Watch this video. Usher is really taking this connecting with the youth thing seriously. Or attempting to replicate a video by Aaron Carter, pre heroine addiction, whichever you like more. Scroll below to get an idea of what I was thinking when I watched this.

The video starts off with some horrible product placement of XBox. Terrible because of how the camera is manipulated and how unnecessary this shot is.

The friend, braces and all, has the greatest expressions throughout the entire video. Props brother, you're the next Michael Cera. Or employee of the month at Blockbuster, whichever.

Double product placement. You're 15 and have an iphone. When I was 15, I'd dream of owning the Nokia iron phone, but really, none of us needed a phone. We met up at school and made plans. Personally, I'd save Usher under "Usha" just so I show how tight we really are. And frankly, if I was Usher, I'd be scared if anyone under sixteen had my phone number, except if they were related to me and/or I was a model agent.

The biting of the lip. This girl got a thing for Justin. Or maybe she's excited about recently hitting puberty and dying to show her newly acquired assets to Usher.

Multi cultural hipsters. But, wait, if they are 15, why does the guy on the right have tattoos? I don't think his parents would've signed off on such a large and clearly hipster tattoo you get at like 19-20. Are these guys an allusion to Matthew McConaughey's character in Dazed & Confused?

She's here. Ready to celebrate Usher's birthday, which is what Justin told her was happening to she can bring the girls. "Justin, OMG! You look soooooo good. Where's Usher? And, why did you ask me to bring the entire sophmore class?"

White girl pose. This is my claim to fame. Pass me a bottle of beer, wait for the camera and I'll show you how the girls do it. I was told I do it better than the actual girls themselves. I dig that. The girl on the right is the more "artsy, emo one" hence the rings and bracelets and pouty lip dance moves.

"If you got braces on your teeth put your hands up. Underage ladies, I can't hear y'all, underage ladies, make noise!"

This is clearly a 26 year old who claims to be 15 by wearing a hoodie with stars on it from West 49 and Sony headphones around her neck. Furthermore, Justin is like 3 feet tall.

Wait, maybe the 26 year old was the DJ. Hmm, the music was pumping before she came in though so this is weird. Who was playing that remixed Funkmaster Flex jam then?
Let's discuss Justin's wardrobe: Usher's backing you up and your stylist dressed you up in an American Apparel hoodie? Because all we need is more thoughts about Dov Charney and teenagers.

"Yo, yo, yo what up homie? I'm just trying to mimic Usher and shit. Is this how we do this shake? Ya, ya? For real? "

So Dov Justin, is this how you treat your girl? Like "I'm hitting that tonight!"? According to MySpace you're 15, according to me, you're 13 and have no pubic hair yet. What do you know about love baby boy? I know men that are 25 that still have no idea how to "treat her right." On the other hand, your brod's expression can be converted into a piece from an Ellis novel. "You got a gram, I'll make it worth your while." See The Informers, chapter 10 for further details. She's totally from the Valley.

Usher is wondering if this is his house or he accidentally pulled up at R.Kelly's. Justin doesn't understand because he wasn't born when that incident happened, so he asks Usher if he found some honey to make love with in this house.

This girl is way too old for this jam. She's clearly one of Usher's entourage and ready to pop open a bottle of Alizé.

He'll get your fix if you tell him you love him too.

Uh uh uh, and it don't stop, uh uh uh.

"Let me take a photo, we can post it on Facebook, tag you, and then write "awwww. soo cute, you guys should totally be together" underneath it."

The black guy must always be in full view during dance offs. But seriously, this kid ain't got nothing on T-Pain.

The girl in the back is where it's at. Her hand gestures are telling you so. Bust it.

She remembers she's gotta be back in Encino by 9pm. And plus Justin's waiting for his dealer who ain't even here yet! He's trippin', because he's not hooking up tonight.

"She left. I should've given her the gram. Oh great, the dealer's here, on his bike, after she's gone."

Hot Atlanta y'all is one of the best.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Discoveries II

I compiled a list of stuff I find absolutely wonderful, again.

Otake House

This place is absolutely stunning and explains my secret reasons for always desiring to marry an architect. See more photos here.

DJ Pump "Fly by Night"
This mix by will keep your boogie right next to your woogie. It's called "Fly By Night", download it or listen to it here.

Stumbled upon this site in university, which was dangerous because it was an excuse to watch free movies on the super fast university supplied internet at the library while I was supposedly studying. Everything on the site is excellent quality and although they don't have much of a selection, there's surely something for anyone's taste.

Potty Pimpin'
My little nephew is still learning (although he's too old to still be learning) so I might get him this shirt because it might boost his ego.
Etsy Seller: small threads

Facebook PhD comic
A site that pokes fun at grad studies (definitely worth a visit) that has been around for a long, long time (in internet years). Browse through the archives, it'll take so long it may end up becoming a graduate thesis.

Money clip with vintage typewriter key
Who said money clips had to be for males? I had a really cool one. once Of course it held bills with Wilfred Laurier's face on them since I am nouveau pauvre but it was quite sleek. This money clip, using a key from a vintage typewriter is rad and definitely unisex.
Etsy seller: webbysue

Thursday, 11 June 2009


“Can I take a photo?” she asks as she takes two steps back to get a full body shot “Sure! What is it for?” I ask as I position myself for her to get the entire outfit. “Toronto Textstyles.” “Oh that’s great, what an honour! I used to do the photo taking, I started Ottawa Street Style!” “Really?” she asks. “Yeah! So should I keep the banana in the photo?” I ask, laughing. This was my first interaction with Stefania, the brains behind Toronto street style and fashion blog, Textstyles. She handed me a card, and that’s when she had me. This card was awesome: square, thick and simple, it made a statement. She knew what she was doing. Stefania’s blog has gained popularity in the past year. It helps that she maintains it frequently and is quite possibly one of the only blogs out there that still features recent street style photos that interacts with the subject. With an SLR slinging from her neck, Stefania shoots various fashion events and parties, fashion week (both runway and backstage), contributes to Toronto based Cheek Magazine and most recently, had a piece published in Brooklyn based Dossier Journal which has contributors like Kate Lanphear and Zac Posen. Not bad huh? She also knows how to pamper her baby, Textstyles. Back in May, Stefania threw a party at Rolly’s Garage celebrating the one year anniversary of the website. Over 300 people showed up. This number isn’t exaggerated, I was there. Rolly’s was dripping with people like a wet sponge drips water*. Guests included designer Philip Sparks, NOW Fashion editor Andrew Sardone, fashion illustrator Danielle Meder and many others.

With all this going on you’d think Stefania would be one of those people constantly typing away on her phone, checking her email, and other social networks. But like me, we share the same belief, “I hate it when someone does it to me so why would I do it to you?”, and that mantra is what will make you successful.

If you haven’t already done so, do it, visit her blog. And if her blog doesn’t convince you of how cool she really is, wait till you see her dance to old R&B at the local dive. She’ll make you sweat, guaranteed.
*Salman Rushdie's Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


A list of stuff that are interesting to me and therefore might interest you!

Public School, a group of creative people with different professions based in Austin, brings you lessons to live by on posters.

What friends are doing:
My friend Yassin, a.k.a. The Narcicyst, released his latest album a few weeks ago. The album got its first of many rave reviews. Naturally of course, because he's a genius! Here's the video for the first single P.H.A.T.W.A. Pay close attention to every detail in it. Get to know Narcy on his blog, his site, and his MySpace.

Thomas Cook just filed for bankruptcy. Good Magazine released a nice diagram of the world's Largest Bankruptcies.

One of my favourite go to websites for the latest in advertising, I Believe in Advertising, posted Volvo's latest campaign with an apperance by Snow White. Awesome copy.

Music Video:
Firekites, a band from Australia, uses chalk animation in this beautiful video for the song "Autumn Story."

Caramel is a film with beautiful cinematography, well established characters and plot and a funny, charming script. It also steers away from being too Phoenician Lebanese, which if you understand what I mean, you know what I mean. Bonus: the co-writer and director of the film, who also happens to have the lead role, is beautiful.

Music - Album Suggestion:
Parra Soundsystem - The Art of Partying
Full of disco beats, this album will give your feet some work. So get started on your summer physique by playing it in its entirety.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Go Slower

Photographer Renata's latest model test, shot on my rooftop.

art direction+photography: Renata Kaveh
model: Brittany (Elite)
styling: Roya Shaji
location: Downtown Toronto
hair & makeup: Amalie Russell

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Boyfriend Types

The Payphone Caller: He probably entered your life during university, when everyone had cell phones. The only reason he's using a payphone to call you is because a) he lost his cell, b) he can't afford to pay the bill or c) he lent it to a friend and will never get it back. You have to sit by the phone awaiting his call from random phone numbers you don't recognize and can't call back and when he's late in his promised 4:30pm phone call. The reason he's late? He couldn't find a quarter. You end up having to call his entire posse of friends to find him. Although it was fun while it lasted, your romantic dinners will consist of subway tuna sandwiches in his parents' basement and his friends will always be by your side no matter how intimate the moment. Your current relationship state: you talk when you see each other, but it's awkward, the "he still likes you" type of awkward.

The Drug Addict: He was your first "serious" boyfriend in high school. He was probably a few years older than you. He's not addicted to anything hardcore because you dated him while you were both teenagers but he still had a fetish for drugs and would try anything. Along with an affinity for drugs, he loved sugar and would mix peanut butter flavoured chocolate bars with carbonated drinks and cigarettes. Chances are, you have a restraining order on him, but he means well...really he does. One pro: he has no friends but you so it's not likely he'll ditch plans, but the con is, he might get too baked and skip the date. Current relationship state: you say hi, from a distance.

The Boring Physical Attraction: This boy is cute, but he never really counted (in boyfriend numbers). You either tried to hook up with him a) after one too many shots of Jack Daniels but being the nice guy that he is, he didn't take advantage of you, or b) you thought he was a "nice guy" which he is, but holy crap, he's boring. Most likely, you never listened or were interested in his stories but more interested in the content of his undies. The other good about him? It was an amicable break-up and you're still friends. Chances are, he's single, like always. No restraining order necessary. Might hook up from time to time.

The Smooth Operator: He's tall, handsome, intelligent as hell, and is basically everything you've ever wanted in a man. Except he's not the father type and will run off with your heart once it gets too serious. To his friends and family, he talks about you and makes it seem serious, to you, you're just a fling but you're already in too deep to listen. He's Veronica but you're looking for Betty. He counts in numbers because even Sade had one. The con: you're still friends. Awkward friends. The pro: He moves onto uglier girls than you.