Monday, 22 June 2009

Yuppie adventures

At the other side of the universe, a.k.a. Yonge and Eglington,

I watched "The Hangover". Yeah, not funny. I laughed only a few times, so why is everyone saying it's hold your ribs type of funny? Get it together people, that movie was so predictable and un-inspiring. Why doesn't talent ever get celebrated?

On my way to a Saturday morning meeting, I cheat on my Ella's Uncle routine and go to Manic Coffee cause it's on my way but then I realize,

their large coffee is $2.40! Now I'm more than willing to pay for your "fair trade" coffee beans, however, don't buy the low quality stuff. This coffee was not good. At all. Their lattes are good though. Is someone attempting a Starbucks by serving bad coffee in order to increase sale of milk drinks? Je pense que oui.

At Wrongbar for NXNE,

I met a persistent male who claimed he was a porn star for a living. He also claimed to be the man of my dreams after he asked me if I remembered his name, which I didn't. He then asked me if I had ever met one before. A porn star, not the man of my dreams. Now where would I find them? Tip for this guy, claiming to be a porn star doesn't help your game. If anything I'm washing my hands right now. He then asked me if me or my friend were driving home. I told him, I'm from the city. He was shocked since it's impossible someone from Toronto would go out in the city right? That's another 100 points off homie. Don't ever call a girl who has never lived in the suburbs a suburbanite.

Outside, attempting to escape the humidity that may cause my hair to explode,

we overhear a conversation: One male 905 and his clan of three female 905ers, one of which was wearing a prom-ish dress from Le Chateau, another a pair of four inch, pink pointy shoes, were upset about not being able to get in. Their words were: "I'm a guy with three hot chicks and ready to pay the cover and he won't let us in. What gives?" Take your money and use it at Century Room, you're at the wrong bar.

After Wrongbar,

I tried out Poutini's. They even have vegetarian gravy. It's good, and definitely not as heavy as Smoke's. The owners are from Ottawa (according to the cashier). Represent. But word of advice to the girl with the fake Balenciaga* dressed like a semi-prosti hanging out with the dude in the True Religion jeans outside the resto...stop staring, it's rude. I can see you. Next time, I'll ask how much, yeah I'll do it, watch me!

*I'd like to point out that I purchased a fake Balenciaga back in 2005. This girl had a brand spanking new fake. The Aldo one.


  1. "if anything i'm washing my hans." i hope that's the only thing you're washing (clin d'oeuil)
    montreal was mostly work, and not being in toronto


  2. heheheheh, stefania you are mischief aren't ya?

  3. "That movie is so predictable and un-inspiring" wow D, I sure hope you weren't expecting that when you walked in... And besides, YOU know better... you didn't even like Anchorman... I think you need a new funny bone or stop bothering with Apatow'ish comedy films. (but on a side note, I liked the movie but I've also had better...)

  4. I am glad that you DO have an Ella's Uncle routine though...

  5. Persistant pursuing males are the worst! And I've still yet to see Hangover and see what the hype is about!