Sunday, 14 June 2009

Discoveries II

I compiled a list of stuff I find absolutely wonderful, again.

Otake House

This place is absolutely stunning and explains my secret reasons for always desiring to marry an architect. See more photos here.

DJ Pump "Fly by Night"
This mix by will keep your boogie right next to your woogie. It's called "Fly By Night", download it or listen to it here.

Stumbled upon this site in university, which was dangerous because it was an excuse to watch free movies on the super fast university supplied internet at the library while I was supposedly studying. Everything on the site is excellent quality and although they don't have much of a selection, there's surely something for anyone's taste.

Potty Pimpin'
My little nephew is still learning (although he's too old to still be learning) so I might get him this shirt because it might boost his ego.
Etsy Seller: small threads

Facebook PhD comic
A site that pokes fun at grad studies (definitely worth a visit) that has been around for a long, long time (in internet years). Browse through the archives, it'll take so long it may end up becoming a graduate thesis.

Money clip with vintage typewriter key
Who said money clips had to be for males? I had a really cool one. once Of course it held bills with Wilfred Laurier's face on them since I am nouveau pauvre but it was quite sleek. This money clip, using a key from a vintage typewriter is rad and definitely unisex.
Etsy seller: webbysue

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