Thursday, 11 June 2009


“Can I take a photo?” she asks as she takes two steps back to get a full body shot “Sure! What is it for?” I ask as I position myself for her to get the entire outfit. “Toronto Textstyles.” “Oh that’s great, what an honour! I used to do the photo taking, I started Ottawa Street Style!” “Really?” she asks. “Yeah! So should I keep the banana in the photo?” I ask, laughing. This was my first interaction with Stefania, the brains behind Toronto street style and fashion blog, Textstyles. She handed me a card, and that’s when she had me. This card was awesome: square, thick and simple, it made a statement. She knew what she was doing. Stefania’s blog has gained popularity in the past year. It helps that she maintains it frequently and is quite possibly one of the only blogs out there that still features recent street style photos that interacts with the subject. With an SLR slinging from her neck, Stefania shoots various fashion events and parties, fashion week (both runway and backstage), contributes to Toronto based Cheek Magazine and most recently, had a piece published in Brooklyn based Dossier Journal which has contributors like Kate Lanphear and Zac Posen. Not bad huh? She also knows how to pamper her baby, Textstyles. Back in May, Stefania threw a party at Rolly’s Garage celebrating the one year anniversary of the website. Over 300 people showed up. This number isn’t exaggerated, I was there. Rolly’s was dripping with people like a wet sponge drips water*. Guests included designer Philip Sparks, NOW Fashion editor Andrew Sardone, fashion illustrator Danielle Meder and many others.

With all this going on you’d think Stefania would be one of those people constantly typing away on her phone, checking her email, and other social networks. But like me, we share the same belief, “I hate it when someone does it to me so why would I do it to you?”, and that mantra is what will make you successful.

If you haven’t already done so, do it, visit her blog. And if her blog doesn’t convince you of how cool she really is, wait till you see her dance to old R&B at the local dive. She’ll make you sweat, guaranteed.
*Salman Rushdie's Haroun and the Sea of Stories


  1. you are a bébé
    des gros bisous
    t génial!!!!!

  2. Thanks for not texting in my face! Its appreciated.