Monday, 31 January 2011

From my ears to yours: the yuppie's top music blogs

Friends always stare at me and laugh when we go out dancing because I almost always know the beat and lyrics of the ambiguous song that's playing yet I never know any of the radio hits. Well, I don't own a car and I rarely watch television meaning I don't listen to the radio or watch music videos and so I seek help from the interwebs to fill the gigabytes of my ipod.

To help you enhance your musical palette, I have compiled a list of blogs that I frequently visit for new music. These blogs stay up to date and feature the freshest tracks and remixes. Several music blogs have come and gone, and many of the great ones are no longer active but there's always a new one to be discovered (bless the internet). May the contents be as much use to your dancing feet as they are to mine.

Hands down, a great podcast: Pig Radio

Just like Pig Radio, Freedom Record has a bumping podcast.

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