Friday, 15 May 2009

Disappear Here

"You can move there and come visit me at work!" I say. "Yeah, we'll be like neighbours!" she replies. "Oh but wait, maybe one day, I'll get another job that's in another part of town," I say. "Yeah you'll probably be one of those people that disappears off the face of the earth once you get that job," she replies. "Really? Is that what you think? That's not me at all!" "You just seem like that person", she says. "Well I'm not. If anything people tend to disappear from my life, I'm always around, I'll always be, as long as you decide to be around," I say. "That's good to know," she says. "You can tell when someone is the type to disappear by the amount of time it takes them to answer your text messages, your emails, or return your phone calls," I say. "You think so? Yeah I guess you're right," she says.

I won't disappear unless you do. 

There are only a two occassions where I'll suddenly bolt out of the scene but you'll hear from me the next day, unless said subjects caught up to me:
1) If I encounter those twins that want to beat me up*
2) If I encounter that scary posse of lesbians, just because one of them's got a thing for me.**

*Anyone who has asked me in person knows the story, feel free to ask, but only in person will responses be given.
**She's not my type, even though I'm not a lesbian, I can still have a type right?
***The title of the post is from Less Than Zero

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