Thursday, 28 May 2009

Why the College and Spadina Popeyes is the best

Popeyes is my guilty pleasure. I don't have many guilty pleasures but this place is one of few, so don't you judge me.

Today, I was served by Bibi (I looked at my receipt), whose name resonates a green character with hair that stands up from my childhood, however, she looked nothing like that. Her name almost beats the manager at Burger King's name, Minerva. Any way, Bibi not only forgot my drink and stared at me for a good five minutes wondering what I was waiting for, she also hesitated to put my biscuit in. We all know the biscuit is quite possibly the best part of the meal, in all it's buttery and artery clogging goodness.

Unlike the Yonge and Dundas location, the prices here are cheaper and so is the service apparently, because although the Times Dundas Square location might have more expensive rent, it isn't a reason to charge me extra for a meal I can get for $2 cheaper at other equally delicious Popeyes locations (including the one at Queen and Sherbourne, which should reduce prices by another $2 just for the courage of going in there alone). But I'll gladly pay that extra $2 for the safety and well being of those poor employees.

More facts about College and Spadina location:
- Out of the four visits I have made in seven months, on two separate occasions, the old man who works there ran to the frier because he left the fries in the fryer for too long. He looked at me and smiled nervously.
- One of the female employees cannot be bothered when she is writing down an order. And she will remind you of this (reminiscent of the service found only at the Pizza Hut in my hood)
- It takes two employees to work one cash, both do not know which buttons to press
- Although there is seven employees lurking in the back, no one can serve you until you tap your palm really hard for them to notice you (another trick used at the Pizza Hut in my hood)
- Your meal, although you can see it, will take 9 minutes to be ready
- The relatives of various employees always seem to drop by for a visit. This is okay, except when the employee ignores the line-up that is building up.
- I have never seen any tables clean.

That's why it's the best. All entertainment, all the time. Visit College and Spadina Popeyes today.


  1. I've always been tempted to try the Queen&Sherbourne one at least once, just for bragging rights. Never had Popeyes before.

  2. believe it or not, i have never been to this location