Wednesday, 6 May 2009


One of the first features I immediately notice in both men and women are eyebrows. Personally, I keep mine thick and classic and true to their shape. No one touches them but me to avoid any estheticians "vision." You've all been there so learn how to pluck yourself because one day it'll happen to you: an over-plucking, wax loving esthetician. Some women (who either pluck themselves or visit an esthetician) have a hard time maintaining this ever important facial feature properly. Yes, you've all thought about it but dared not mention it publicly until today. This yuppie has been working on a very special ad highlighting eyebrows shaped commes des spermatozoïdes. Why the french version? It sounds funnier.

Click to see larger image

So you see, next time you reach for the tweezers, think about what we're thinking when we see that shape.

Note: this is not an actual ad for Revlon. This site has no affiliation with Revlon other than being a consumer of their products.


  1. it happened to me.
    the first time I ever plucked them...
    I had mcdonalds eyebrows.

  2. oups! how do i edit it :(
    it said:
    lol it's so true.
    i only trust brown immigrants with my eyebrows. white people just don't get it lol
    also, how rude is it to suggest someone get theirs done? cause i've only sent someone to my 'threader' once but she really appreciated it

  3. I never know what to make of them... As a male I try to touch them very little while taking care of any signs of a uni-brow. I'm no Peter Gallagher (and far from) but do I really need to maintain them into a shape?
    Oh and also, I don't think of sperm when I look at those eyebrows...

  4. hehehe. i've never really suggested it to anyone unless they asked "what should i do?". except when you're a model agent, then you can suggest something.

  5. @seb: what comes to mind? males shouldn't shape them. just clean where there's signs of a unibrow.

  6. I'm always scared by women who would rather paint their eye brows on than to actually pluck them. I find thicker eye brows on girls a bit nice, it adds contrast to their face.. but no uni-brows, those aren't cool