Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Discoveries III

This edition features new and old.

Decor, art, illustrations:
Kitsuné Noir, a favourite website for a little while now, features awesome wallpapers for use on your desktop.

Toronto shopping:
Stefania visits R.A.D. a unique little shop on Dundas West that doesn't stand for something other than "radical".

In the art of baking:
The coolest cupcakes around

The most fashionable

In design:
Student winners of D&AD furniture awards

In the news:
Quite possibly the best headline I've seen in a long time for a news story.

Advertising and marketing:
Gillette's new site is awesome, the whole concept is absolutely fantastic. As a strong supporter of men without armpit hair, I'm glad Gillette finally got around to telling the boys that it's a faux pas. A mega faux pas. At least trim that stuff.

Political funnies:

Via Political Irony

If you've been contemplating getting one, here's more reasons to do so

Via City of Toccoa

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