Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Yard Sale, The Hipster Way

I’d like to start off by saying that Hipster’s* don’t have garage sales because they never live in houses with garages, only yards. However, sometimes, yard sales are also called "Vintage Sales".

Some things to note:
Do not expect to be greeted with a smile, merely a bangs push back, okay?
If you don't buy, you have no style.
All their friends will come and “hang out”, so you may think you’re inside an American Apparel, but without American Apparel prices.
Hipsters hate math, all prices jump by two or five. It’s easier that way.
If you didn't hear about it, you either a) don't read their blog, b) don't use Craigslist, or c) weren't one of the seven people tagged on the Facebook note. i.e. They don't actually want anyone but their friends to come to this thing because they don't like someone deemed unstylish buying their shit, it needs a good home, which is completely understandable.

Below is my illustrated Hipster Yard, Vintage, whatever sale.

Click image to view larger
*For lack of a better word


  1. i'm having a yard sale this wknd, but i just sell all the really crappy stuff. everything else i give to my parents to store in my room.

  2. i need stuff! i'll be there. and fuck the bang push back, i'll be there with hugs n kisses a blazin!

  3. Love yard sales had one last week and listed it with garage sales tracker website
    and had a few hipsters arrive that bought a whole plethora of clothing.

  4. useless post, I'm sorry I opened and and didn't read the whole thing - including your cartoon.

  5. -hahaa, this is funny.
    i like this.

    im a follower(:

  6. I saw one exactly like your description at the top corner of Trinity Bellwoods park. Was that the same one?

    I just googled hipster garage sale and your blog came up.