Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I thought a cool way to interact with blog readers and Twitter followers would be to compile a few links brought to my attention from people I follow on Twitter. There's a lot of great stuff out there, so I picked through all those "OMG Sartorialist is coming to Toronto" tweets and I'm bringing you some of this week's best link tweets. All people have been sourced.

Paige posted an American Psycho inspired video by Miles Fischer for his cover of "This Must be the Place" by the Talking Heads. Check out the post here, and read Paige's blog here, keep it bougy.

As Seen on TV
University pal Brige gets Snuggie

In the news
Oppression continues as author and academic Ali Abunimah shares this tragic story

Social Media
Randy Matheson shares great links related to social media and the internet, this week, he shared one about how Facebook is the #1 tool to share links and asks you if you're surprised. Well, are you?

Fantastic Voyage
New friend and recently back in Canada from a month voyage to Italy, Majd shares this great photo on his flickr page

Not a Harley
Tasha brings the Chanel Motorcycle to our attention

Wes Anderson film lovers get another peak at "Mr. Fox" thanks to Jarod

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  1. amen on avoiding the Sart-a-thon on twitter. queen west is going to be an embarrassing fashion gong show tonight!