Friday, 11 December 2009

From my Google Reader: Links of the week

I wanted to stick with eight links for this week, but there was just too much to share.
  1. I don't have a picturesque view out of my giant window, but these people do
  2. Binoculars are awesome. These are more awesome.
  3. Still waiting for someone to buy me sunglasses from Ksubi
  4. Disney has always been racist. Here are the most racist Disney characters [via Angry Arab]
  5. Proving once again that "peace talks" is a louche term
  6. Paul Smith collaborated with Evian, but I'm much more interested in his collaboration with Rhodia
  7. Anyone interested in bidding for Iraq's oil?
  8. More proof about The Twelves being awesome
  9. Israeli settlement produce? or Occupied produce? UK food labels set to distinguish goods.
  10. The face every girl thinks is "sexy" is not. So stop.
  11. Happycentro creative design studio has awesome work
  12. To keep track of your enemies
  13. Remember music in the 90s?
  14. Remember Versace in the 90s?
  15. Speaking of the blogger who reminisces Versace in the 90s, she released a Paper Doll book featuring outfits from LGFW SS10
  16. This is cool packaging
  17. In social media news, Shimon Peres now has a YouTube channel. Don't worry, Dahlan is on Twitter.
  18. LOOT's latest mix (one half is BEAR)

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  1. Show out numbers 1-19, that Bear mix is simply unmatched.