Thursday, 31 December 2009

Where am I?

Sorry for the lack of blogging but the past week has been something of an adventure. I'm currently in Cairo where I've been since December 25th attempting to make my way into Gaza. We've been denied entry by the Egyptian government and have protested every day, in many different ways, since then. I've had a total of approximately 11 hours of sleep since taking off on Dec 24th, got pushed around by the secret service and military, elbowed in the mouth, met Yvonne Ridley, made the Canadians show a solid statement with a strong stance against a certain controversial proposal, had a sit in by closing down one of Cairo's main roads, celebrated New Year's surrounded by Egyptian military and the police, and many other things. I'm not in the mood to write, I've also received a terrible screen on my Macbook Pro called grey, blew a fuse, and I'm sure I forgot the USB key to upload videos from my camera in Toronto despite having checked it off my checklist.
What are we going to do tomorrow night man? Same thing we do every night, try and start a revolution.
I promise I'll add more, just technology isn't working right now, and time is scarce.
March against Netanyahu at the Syndicats des journalistes
Protesting at the UN
Yvonne Ridley
The bridge
The Nile


  1. wow. keep going, danah. what you're doing is amazing, keep yourself safe! happy new year!

    - Maya

  2. You're the shit. Be safe. xx