Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Guide to being really Arab: Loving George Wassouf

Anyone who knows me well enough knows I love George Wassouf. Lak ya George, je t'aime. I don't care that you do lots of coke and stuff, I mean it's not like you're competing to be my role model or something. At one point in your life, you made amazing music. Everything went downhill when your voice did, even if your addiction began before. So haters, don't hate, I mean he is nicknamed the Sultan El-Tarab, which is a huge honour. Admit that George was awesome and disregard Tabeeb Gara7, that song and album was horrendous both lyrically and musically. This Homsi (yes he's not Lebanese, he's Syrian), will always have a special place in my heart. His music makes me both dance and sit down on my chair, put my legs up and want to smoke sheesha while I perform the table dance.

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  1. Salaf W. Dayn is definitely my favorite of his. His voice is a bit raspy but the production and instruments are excellent all the way through, especially the title track.