Sunday, 21 February 2010

Happy birthday, happy birthday

2010 means I turn one year older. Usually, every year, a week before my birthday, I start listening The Cranberries. I have no idea why. Maybe because everybody else is doing it, so why can't we? Ha. Any way, in celebration of this (accomplishment?), some friends got me presents. Awesome ones. Every year on my birthday, someone ends up getting me a book I already have. This is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it means they are thinking exactly like I think. Note: if you're thinking of getting me a book (which is a wonderful idea), you've been warned that there's a huge chance I already have it, because I have lots and lots of books. So many, in fact, that I cannot house all of them in my condo.
These came from very far away.

Old Fairuz vinyl with a wonderful message on the back, prayer beads (masbaha) from very far away, Joe Sacco's latest, and a Nino Simone collection.

One of the biggest gifts I received this year was having my party hosted by a dear friend in her apartment. To you, and everyone else who attended or was there in spirit, thank you times one million.

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