Friday, 21 May 2010

Destination: Jordan

I've arrived to my first destination (Jordan) after a long and tiring airplane ride, a string of misinformation, slow slow employees, and a battle with an employee of Royal Jordanian (RJ) airlines, which is, according to my cousin, a common occurrence due to the rude nature of Jordanians (despite their attempts at telling you they are known for their hospitality - check out their in flight magazine, but this is merely a reference to the residents that are not of Jordanian decent, which make up most of Jordan's population, who are known for their hospitality, Jordanians are known to be grouchy), I made it. RJ has more lies in their in flight magazine like winning an award for always being on time. The lady beside me mentioned that this airline was once two hours late, and every time she's flown, it has been either 30 minutes or an hour behind departure. This time was no exception.

I travel a lot, this year alone I've accumulated more miles than most people do in their lifetime, and every time I travel I accumulate even more airlines I don't want to fly with. To be frank, the airline and tourism industry should not be asking questions regarding their losses: it's obvious. Even traveling with a small child, which adds to the difficulty, you get harassed even more. Here is some information I was given that turned out entirely false:
  • The night before traveling I called United asking about the price to check in an extra bag. After 30 minutes on the phone with an employee who asked me if Jordan was in Europe, he told me $100USD. I should've known when he asked if it was in Europe, we arrive at the airport to be told it's $200USD. Even Air Canada doesn't charge that much.
  • The United employee who gave me my boarding passes and checked in my luggage in Canada told me that once I arrive to Chicago, I do not have to go through security.
  • Once on the plane to Chicago, I asked the flight attendant how I get to Terminal 5 and she mentioned "go through security". Yeah, I had to go through security, the most unnecessary and thorough security despite the fact that I went through US customs in Canada.
  • RJ counter to get the boarding passes: no mention of the carry on luggage I have, i.e. does not mention RJ's policy of 1 carry on only.
  • Upon entering the RJ flight, yell fest with rude employee who tells me I must leave behind all carry on luggage except back pack. The other bag contains my sister's change of clothes, toys, and food. When I refused and only let go of one, I was already being stared at by the entire plane. But I got to have three instead of two.

Did I mention I only opt for Kosher meals in flight? The selection is usually better, and I like my food blessed, because the whole traveling process isn't.

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