Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Facebook Experiment

I decided to try something with Facebook, this tool that supposedly connects us. I think Facebook merely increases the divide, as my findings explain.
This is what my experiment entailed:
  • Click on a random Facebook friend that appears on your news feed that does not often update
  • Via this friend, click on mutual friends who have recently written on his/her wall
  • Go through photos like a stalker
  • Continue until this gets too creepy
I stalked about five friends, and within their photos, there were also mutual friends I didn't click on so in the end, I basically stalked about ten people.

What did I discover through my little Facebook experiment?
  1. Friends that always complain about being broke seem to travel a lot, hmmmm
  2. Some have gone through a crazy transformation, instead of growing up, one friend seems to have gone back to high school with profile photos that make the MySpacers circa 2004 cringe
  3. One friend whom I was convinced was single, in fact isn't
  4. Many friends seem to have gone on a Eurotrip
  5. This experiment has made me despise the digital age even more because people take the stupidest photos on trips (and the quality is garbage), for example a photo of the hotel and the pool and the caption reads "our hotel". No shit, really? I thought it was like your villa. Or the photos at the most touristy spots surrounded by tons of tourists alike. It's cool to visit landmarks, but make an effort to go elsewhere.
  6. People that had "in a relationship with" took that out but still seem to be in the same relationship. How does that happen?
  7. On the other hand, one friend who had tons of photos with her significant other I believe has broken up with him and erased all memories
  8. Some people still hang out with the exact same people they hung out with in high school
  9. Mixing the pill and beer has not worked out in your favour, ladies.
  10. Many friends make hilarious typos in their photo albums

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