Thursday, 27 May 2010

The lack of rules and the unimportance of rules

Bam. The car door hits the side of the car. I get out and take a look. Small scratch for a big hit. I shake my head and get back in the car. She puts the window down, "excuse me, you want something for the car?" As a North American, I should be angry right now, looking furiously for my licence and registration, calling up my friend, updating my facebook and twitter status "OMG some moron just nailed my car door" but I don't. I look back and say, "no, don't worry about it." Words you'll never hear if this happened in Canada. Car accidents are common here [Jordan - Arab world], and they aren't a big deal. Your insurance does not go up when you get into an accident, it's a fixed rate. Speeding tickets are 10-20 dinars, that's about $15-$30 dollars or so, pennies in comparison to the $300 fines we are accustomed to, and the demerit points removed and your record.

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  1. Yes, indeed small beans in comparison to the way we are raped here...especially license suspensions for unpaid fines...whats that all about? I probabaly haven't paid the ticket because it's already unreasonable...and now slapping on an additional 150 bucks....Jerks. Although I must admit, while being driven around in Jordan I hold my breath, and mumble prayers to myself...They are ferocious drivers...and arriving alive, is the best way to arrive!