Wednesday, 7 October 2009

From my ears to yours

I've come across lots of great music this year, but unfortunately, sometimes, you only like a few songs on the album. There are a few artists who have managed to make every song they release enjoyable, and now from my ears, I pass them down to yours.

Artist: Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (myspace)
Album: The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (purchase)
The Deal: Dent May is a "think global, buy local" type of guy. He's also kind of a dorky showman but the type of guy you want as your friend. His blog chronicles his touring experience and he posts various videos and photos - good interaction with the fans. His music is a little like Beirut, but has more of a feel good tone to it.
Tour: Brace yourself, he has Canadian stops including Toronto on November 7th at El Mocambo
Yuppie recommends: Oh Paris, Meet me in the garden, When you were mine (Prince cover)
Conclusion: As the album name suggests, it really is feel good music. Oh and be warned, these songs will be trapped in your head once you hear them, but that's a good thing.

Artist: Emil & Friends
Album: Downed Economy EP+Various random tracks
The Deal: So is this Emile Hirsch's project or what? Who knows for sure but regardless, Emil & Friends is fantastic (read this interview to find out more about the band). The music does a sound a bit like MGMT but better and very intergalactic. They even remixed a song I couldn't stand and made it GOOD, did a better job with Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead" than Passion Pit themselves (even Asian Man Dan agrees) and covered MGMT's "Electric Feel".
Yuppie recommends: Every song, but since I have to choose: The Shrine, Josephine, Downed Economy
Conclusion: Prepare to dance, sing, dance, dance, and fly.

Artist: Neon Indian
Album: Psychic Chasms - available Oct. 13 (pre-order)
The Deal: Alan Palomo's third project (Ghosthustler, VEGA previously (ongoing)) makes you feel like you're on acid, or just staring at a dreammachine for a long time. Pitchfork calls it "A gauzy combination of Buggles-style 1980s pop, video game soundtracks, and cheeseball elevator music, (...) songs are effervescent, goofy, and achingly nostalgic. Kind of like MGMT on a ramen budget-- and with less face paint." And although I agree with Pitchfork, readers, I don't care for Pitchfork.
Yuppie recommends: Should've taken acid with you, Deadbeat Summer and 6669 (I don't know if you know)
Tour: The tour has one Canadian stop (Vancouver, Nov 16) but hopefully, he'll decide to stop by sometime.
Conclusion: Prepare to dance, sing and get nostalgic

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