Friday, 9 October 2009

The Publication of Renata Kaveh

You all know the story of how Renata and I met during LG Fashion Week in March and how she used my roof to shoot a test shoot, but here's what you don't know: in April, we got mistaken for lovers, in May, I became her muse, in June she moved out of Tehronto and closer to civilization, and now she's published. This is why I'm writing about her again. I mean, she got published in Lush Magazine's Fall issue...PRINT! Renata was in Paris back in the spring and took some great photos which are now gracing the pages of this Canadian publication. She managed to shoot at the exact spot where I hailed a cab driven by what could have very well been Grace Jones. I kid you not. Grace. Jones. (non, je ne suis pas folle). I went over to her place last night to pick up some forgotten items from last Friday's celebration and decided to make it even more special by flipping through the pages and taking photos of it.
Renata boit toujours du vin blanc
c'est quoi une loupe en anglais?
je m'baladais sur l'avenue, le coeur ouvert à l'inconnu

Lush Magazine is now available

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