Friday, 21 August 2009

Conversations with hair dressers

HD=Hair dresser

Me: Guys don't really care about their haircuts, they'll go anywhere, like First Choice for example. You ever been to First Choice?
HD: No. Definitely not.
Me: Do you think a reputable hairdresser works at First Choice?
HD: No. Definitely not.
Me: Do you know anyone who has worked there and ended up in a reputable salon like this one?
HD: Nope.
HD laughs
Me: But c'mon there has to be someone, like a hidden talent working at First Choice somewhere in the world, looking for her big break.
HD: I really doubt that.
Me: But what if it's the only job she could get because it's the only place to work at in her village and she's got real talent? Like people would tell others and she'd be the talk of the town, all for under $20, and then she'd open up her own salon and it would be turned into some inspirational crummy Hollywood movie that should've went straight to video!
HD laughs
Me: Are you mocking me?
HD: You're funny. Stop playing with your hair, I'm trying to cut!

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