Monday, 17 August 2009

The Difference Between

Residential neighbourhood in Jordan.

The best part about malls in Jordan is that there's a security guard at the door and you have to pass by a metal detector. Every single time, I've beeped but was let through without questioning. Also, you can enter through the door on the left which has no metal detector, but will be asked by mall security, who would be too lazy to chase you down anyway, to pass by the detector. Listen Jordan, you have a peace treaty with your only threat, stop inventing ways to get some action, okay?

Sidewalks seem to have been built in the times when humans were much larger.

Aside from having the best fast food store name ever "Lebnani Snack" this caption is not about Lebnani snack, it's about how the cup holders in Jordan for take-away make more sense then the ones we have in North America.

This cost me $0.40. I'm sure you've noticed that chip bags are much smaller and so are cans. Don't be fooled though, Jordan's junk food may be cheap, but the rest of the country sure isn't.

Middle-Eastern baggage claim. Dissaray. My bags, coming from Paris, ended up on the Cairo luggage belt, the opposite of Paris. How? Look at this madness, for one.



    you just keep on cracking me up, buttercup.


    PS was that creative enough for you?

  2. ahhh...the joys of luggage lost! It took two days for my suitcase to arrive in Lebanon from Morocco!When I got them they been attacked by the saran wrap monster! What is the deal with that shrink wrap anyway???