Monday, 31 August 2009

Discoveries, IV

The Yuppie is back with her fourth (roman IV) installment of my latest discoveries from the world wide web and beyond. Read them, appreciate them and spread them.

Fashion World:

Tick tock, fashion weeks are approaching, some like Copenhagen Fashion Week have already passed, which means only two things: 1) revive your champagne and kit kat diets and 2) show packages have been released. These cards let agencies get creative, some splurging huge amounts on their cards. Check out the show packages here.

Major Management

Scoop Copenhagen

How tacky that I was in a rental this weekend. Hehehehe, enjoy these illustrations from Molly Schiot, whose more than just an illustrator, but you'll know that when you visit her website.
Via Shiny Squirrel
Toronto has a lot of talent, but it also has a lot of bad art and pseudo everythings. Vaneska finds an interesting Craigslist job posting claiming to the same old hipster/yuppie bullshit. Laugh it up here.
The Middle-East may have its restrictions and popular culture you may or may not understand, but their recent Ramadan ads have been nothing short of fantastic. Subscribe to AdBlog Arabia and MediaMe to view more campaigns from all over the Middle-East.

Via AdBlog Arabia
We're all faced with ignorance, sometimes from people we wouldn't except. If you're tired of the old "you're not even allowed to have water?" question from someone who doesn't understand Ramadan, just point them to this campaign.

Via MediaMe
Now if this villa was in Southern Spain I would do everything in my power (fundraising, angel investors, begging all family members, illegal things (maybe)) to purchase it. And although it's tempting, I'm looking at a big expense so might as well have it in the ideal location. For now, I'll admire from afar.

Via Contemporist
Amazing video by Nike paying tribute to old 90's hip-hop. The beat is catchy and the video is fun. Spot any "familiar" faces in this one?

Via AdFreak

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