Saturday, 8 August 2009


12:00am - arrival to Amman airport. I had just come back from a huge BBQ at my uncle's house where my cousins threw me in the air three times to say goodbye. This airport is madness, and one of the only places on earth where your luggage, both carry on and check in, gets checked over three times.

1:50am - flight to Charles de Gaulle. I am seated beside two teenage boys. I attempt to sleep because I am so exhausted but cannot. I spark a conversation with the guy beside me. He's traveling with his brother, mother and sister, and they are heading back to Vancouver. He's in grade 10, and told me he was in Jordan for a month, and he also went to Beirut.

5:45am - arrival at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport. Flight to Toronto says 12:00pm for some reason, it's supposed to depart at 10:50am. I'm not in the mood for delays. Long line up for security. The man behind me steps on my luggage so often I let him pass. He ends up being in the wrong terminal. The airport is flooded with people, I buy some duty free items...Paris you're not cheap. Flight is delayed, use the slow internet.

12:30pm - boarding finally begins. Madness.

1:30pm - depart to Toronto. Long flight. Old plane, no personal TV, nothing. Sitting beside three others. Can't sleep. I actually watched the Miley Cyrus movie out of boredom. Finally, me and the two ladies beside me begin conversing. Talking to strangers is so comforting. The little girl seated in front of me is so cute, and I talk to her and play hide and seek. She's three, and has big eyes like my little sister.

3:00pm (Toronto Time) - Arrive.

4:00pm - Still waiting for my luggage.

4:15pm - Getting searched by customs and my seeds, which supposedly can be planted, are taken away. Thanks grandma, for not cutting them into smaller pieces for the actual

4:40pm - Exit. Look at all the eager faces waiting for their friends and family to arrive, walk to the exit and take the airport express.

6:00pm - Home. Shower. Sleep.

It's now 4am, the jet lag has finally kicked in. I can't sleep, I've technically been up since 1am. I stare out my window and look at my phone profusely, nothing. People like to use facebook. When I arrived, I was starving, now I'm fine although my stomach and my fridge are both empty. "A Waltz for a Night" is trapped in my head. I unpack slightly, then stop and realize that my writing, for the first time, is practically a stream of consciousness and I am completely confused about the rest of my life and how not one soul would really understand this.

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