Sunday, 23 August 2009

My latest boycott

To the dear Log Cabin Restaurant, Greyhound partner and only stop from Toronto to Ottawa and Ottawa to Toronto via Voyageur, consider yourself boycotted, not as if I have ever considered purchasing anything more than a small coffee out of a desperation from your location. Thank the Asian man, who I assume is the owner for this boycott. You can do without my $1.25 every few months or so. To the Asian man: do not grab a newspaper I was actually considering purchasing from my hands as I was deeply immersed in the main article of this right wing newspaper and yell at me for not buying it in front of many customers who are actually purchasing your shitty products because they don't know any better. Lucky for you, my head was elsewhere and I wasn't paying full attention to your disrespectful behaviour, but next time, if this happens again, I will threaten to "burn this mother down" just as I threatened to do at the University of Ottawa computer labs back in 2007 after the 3-day revolution that took place at the SPSS labs, but that was only a threat, this time, it might mean I'll act on it.

Love love,

The [very] angry Yuppie

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