Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Science fiction, fashion, stereotypes and occupation

I can't say like most people around here that I'm excited for "Where the Wild Things Are" since I grew up francophone and did not read the book everyone was talking about and so when I found it at Urban Outfitters a few months ago, I set aside 20 minutes and read it on the couch. The effect isn't the same, it would be if it was Le Petit Prince, anyway, I am excited for these movies below.

"Gentleman Broncos" is the latest from "Napoleon Dynamite" director Jared Hess. Napoleon Dynamite, when I saw it back in 2004, made me die laughing and high five my fellow movie watcher at the theatre, this one will probably do that as well.
Via Kitsuné Noir

"Amreeka", playing opening night at TPFF and a special preview in September at BPFF is filled with Fobby Arab stereotypes. Of course I want to see it!
Elia Suleiman's latest "The Time That Remains" will premiere at TIFF this year. Let's hope this one is better than his last attempt, and the trailer is pointing to yes.

"The September Issue" opens August 28th, 2009. Will it be better than that reality show about Vogue from last year? My hopes aren't high, I'm just intrigued by this movie.

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