Monday, 20 April 2009

Are you waiting for consent?

Some signs that prove you may be suffering from a very serious disease called "Trapped in the captivity of un-originality":

- No matter how many other countries are in Central-South America, you always go to Cuba or the Dominican Republic and look forward to it as if it's a life changing trip although you won't ever leave the resort
- You drink Grey Goose because the rappers draaank it, yep draaank
- You are cheap enough to consume Absolut
- You think Lil Wayne is a big contribution to the world of hip-hop and love his, ahem, "swag"
- Biggie and Tupac are a large part of your life. By large I mean huge, meaning you believe you are his "homie".
- At least one of your facebook photo albums is called "Random" or "Me"
- You do the peace sign and pursed lips when someone whips out a camera in da club
- Most likely this beer is a Corona or Labatt
- When you enter said club, you immediately scream "let's do shots"
- And you sometimes wonder why you're easy
- You bought a Blackberry Pearl
- You probably think I'm a total bitch
- Your sunglasses are a rip-off of a pair designed by the one and only Donatella Versace, which is not a good thing
- You only shop at stores that also have locations at malls. Your belief is if it's at the mall, it must be good because they can afford mall rent prices
- You will attempt relation between the Damask sticker on your ipod to Warhol when you don't even know who he is, nor did he design it
- Your boyfriend must always be named dropped in conversations when he has no relevance to the convo
- Speaking of your boyfriend, he most likely likes popped collars, white square toe shoes, white belts, Armani Exchange and Le Chateau (it's a tie), drives a modified car, and still has frosted tips. Oh and he works at a promo company rubbing shoulders with the likes of Nick Carter and Lady GaGa (jealousy woes)
- You own a TNA bag (claiming it's roomy), Ugg Boots (congratulations on at least splurging for a real pair over faux), jogging-yoga pants and a vest from GAP and continue to wear this out eight years after it was banned.
- There is a large possibility you have a degree in Commerce.
- Beyonce's your girl

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  1. Pretentious free? Really? Or was that your attempt at irony? Your need to compartmentalize this girl using your witty quips and clever musings is so very pretentious. Moreover, it's desperate and sad.

  2. Hey Anony (can I call you that since you didn't leave a name or anything?) it seems to me you've missed the point of the entire blog. I can say it’s pretentious free but have some people think I come off as pretentious, I have yuppie tendencies but not actually be a yuppie, and I consider myself to be somewhat of an activist but for some I am not considered one. Even the blog title is an oxymoron so you get 10 points for the irony thing, and another 10 for at least considering the content to be witty and clever because it’s the whole basis of my writing. However to take the whole post as anything more than a joke is just plain pretentious.

  3. Here's what I think of YOU D!!!

  4. Whoa. It pains me to think that there are people out there right now judging me for being me. People like you "D." ouch. who do you think you are?

  5. I don't know what's worse, being deemed un-original or being incredibly close minded and judgmental.

  6. I'd much rather wear nothing but Uggs and yoga pants than live in a bubble where I rationalize judging others by calling it witty.

  7. i'd say being deemed un-original and coming back 4 times to comment on this post, but i guess that and un-originality go hand in hand. So please go back to my first comment which I will quote: "to take the whole post as anything more than a joke is just plain pretentious."

  8. Just so you know, I only wrote one of the above anonymous comments. It seems to me that you have a few separate anonys on your hands.

  9. I loved this entry... hit the nail right on the head if you ask me! I think it's so sad when I see the same type of girl on every street in every coffee shop etc etc. Boring. Sad and boring.


  10. yick... this posting was enough to make me stop reading this blog forever. honestly... try a posting that doesn't attack a group of people. the ugg and sweats wearers out there aren't reading this blog! you didn't reach them! this isn't "whitty," it's just plain RUDE! oh, and I never wear sweats and uggs but if ppl out there chose to... LET THEM.

  11. woah holly shit war.
    love u D.

  12. considering i've had quite the shite day
    this post managed to make me laugh
    so thank you.

  13. You're halirious.