Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Cocaine culture

I want to watch this so bad right now:

And this (embedding removed, you must click). Too bad Less Than Zero the movie is only loosely based on the novel. I heard they are remaking it, can someone confirm?

"Hi Queen Video."
"Hi, do you have Less Than Zero?"
"Let me check (types, types, types). Let me check the back."
"Yes, we have it."
"Awesome, do you have Bright Lights Big City?"
"Do you have a list of titles ma'am?"
"No just those two"
"Um, nope. That's Michael J. Fox right?"
"Yeah we had it on VHS. No more."
"I still have VHS."
"Would you like Less Than Zero to be put on hold then?"
"Yes please, I'll be in later."

Trailer narration was pretty lame in the 80's.
And, am I the only one who enjoyed the film version of American Psycho?
And, and don't miss the Informers, in theatres Friday.
And, and, and, follow Bret on Twitter! I wish Jay had twitter.

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