Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A whole new level of internet fame

We all know that facebook plays a larger role in relationships than most people are willing to admit. When, for example, you break up with your significant other, you both actually have a discussion of what to do about the facebook relationship status. With social media changing ever so quickly, I'm thinking the latest technology to hit the world wide web will help you and your nosy friends get involved in each others business even more, that is if you like the relationship limelight (lovers of public domestics put your hands up).

Here's my pitch: basically a twitter feed of fights had by your favourite friend couples and celebrities can also be followed since their divorces happen so often that even Perez himself can't keep up. This tool, charmingly called Domesticer is very helpful, especially when your friend calls you crying, eager to give you details about her break-up, you're already in the loop and not caught off guard, you've prepared some answers from the summary you got through this site. Plus you can get both sides of the story like you've always wanted.

Furthermore, hash tags can be implemented, for example, if your fight is about infidelity, then you'll write #lechery, or #someotherho and so on, if it was about your appearance something like #saggytits, #notskinnyenough will suffice.

You can even use Blip FM to remind your friends what songs you made up to or to remind them what New Edition song you lost your virginity to.

Still not convinced? Below are samples of how Domesticer works: (these are all fictional, any similarities to real people is completely coincidental, honest)

@paul: @paulette hey girl, i'm working late, so sorry, can we reschedule?
@paulette: @paul you're still at work? it's 7pm, you cancellin' the dinner plans now?!
@paul: @paulette it's a busy time baby, the recession, you know we're all working late! i'll make it up to you tomorrow i swear. #smooth
@paulette: @paul i was able to pencil in my eyebrows twice and wax my upper lip waiting for you to contact me!
@paulette: @paul i was checking your twitter feed earlier and @samantha has been sending way too many replies #suspicion
@paul: @paulette @samantha is just a friend. what about you and @smoothoperator?
@paulette: @paul i follow @smoothoperator because he's funny and has good music suggestions don't you dare #turntablesaround on me!
@paulette: @paul you planned a meeting with her on twitter!
@paul: @paulette @smoothoperator is sending nothing but baby making shit! and i said i go to that cafe all the time if she's around to say hi!
@paulette: @paul oh yeah? what about the song link you sent her this reminds me of you :)?
@paulette: @paul and why aren't you answering my text messages but using your phone for tweets???
@paul: @paulette i'm busy!!!
@paulette: @paul busy? who you claiming busy? busy with #someotherho cause im #notskinnyenough
@paul: @paulette i can't stand this! it's over! #done
@paulette: @paul what? nuh uh, my girl @tracie needs to get in on this for real.
@tracie: @paulette it's definitely #someotherho

Convenient? Thank me later. Don't delay, sign up to create your internet fame today!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA priceless

  2. I never thought id love twitter. but I do. #iranelection