Monday, 13 April 2009

News, part III

I've been quoted in an article in the Ottawa Citizen. I won't link you cause then you'll know who I really am, haha. Let's keep some mystery on this blog okay?

I've been indirectly quoted in an article in Guerilla Magazine. I say indirectly because the research was clearly taken from my other blog. Read it here.

Disco's back and don't you ever question that! Planning my Studio 54/1970s themed party as I type.

I'm working on my coffee sleeve art and some of them are following certain themes. When I have time this week, I will go out to Omer Deserres and purchase another sketch book and stick them in there.

I met TatVictoria and Mathletix at the Greyhound station while waiting in the never ending line to go back to O-Town. Remember when I told you most of Toronto's residents are from Ottawa? It was proven that day. Any way, Tatiana and I have been following each other on Twitter for a few weeks and I recognized her from the avatar. Even crazier, just the day before we were discussing (on Twitter) a trip to Ella's Uncle (the café, I don't know anyone with a niece named Ella). She's just as charming as I anticipated she would be. Thank you social media!

I met smooth operator Modernmod at the Mesh conference, another person who I've been following on Twitter. ***Humming Sade***

A few people realized I am in fact 23 years old and not 28 like they assumed. I do sometimes have a low maturity level and if we hang outside of a professional environment you might get introduced to it. For work purposes, I'm 23 going on 30, compris?

Danielle Meder is kind enough to always link me. I'm returning the favour and informing you of how nice and helpful this awesome illustrator is. So go ahead, read her blog, follow her on twitter or email her.

I went back to Canada's rudest city this weekend (home). Another six months and I would've forgotten I ever lived there. One thing I've noticed: buildings here go up faster than any other city I've ever been too, compare that to Montreal, where an average building will take a minimum of seven years to go up.

The people you most expect to read your blog don't, the people you least expect to read it, do so and praise it at the same time. Thank you.

Special thanks to a super savvy marketing friend for the wonderful red polka dot scarf from Club Monaco. Our coffee was brief, but 110% worth it.

According to a friend, new Moby tunes are no good for the bedroom. So if you're getting between the sheets, make sure you got the proper beats. Recommendations to come.

According to this girl, I always say "let's be more like the French". It's true, but for today, let's try and take some examples from the Anglos.

Stay Ali's "Emotional Day (FutureFlashs Vocal Mix)"
on repeat.


  1. "Were getting there."

    Thats it!?! Okay granted they talked about you a little more but, come on! Everyone who checks this blog knows who you are... or do they... pom pom pom...

  2. um no, my friends know, but just random readers from around the internet do not actually know who i am, make sense? as for "we're getting there" are you familiar with journalists cutting some words in order to fill the max allocated words? bingo, haha! and of course you know that, you're a comm alumni!