Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Recollection of your teenage years

"I mean I just don't understand why girls find him good looking, cause he's not." "Find who good looking?" I ask. "Taylor Rautner. You gotta admit Robert Pattinson's good looking though."
"I'm not emo" she says, screaming into the telephone. "Okay, you're nouveau emo," I say. "No I'm not! My friends say I'm scene but I'm not." "What's scene? Some new subculture that hasn't been invented yet? Nevermind. What are you then?" I ask. And with the upmost confidence, she replies, "I'm me!".
She looks at me with her big eyes and with a little sadness in her voice admits, "I like this boy but he moved to another school so it's not going to work out." Bliss. Not a care in the world. No care of the heartbreak to come, for the obstacles you'll have to overcome, of a job, a mortgage, of bills, the news, more heartbreak. And most of all, no idea of the loss of that wonderful feeling, the feeling of invincibility.


  1. My favorite post to date.

  2. please....taylor lautner for straters....

    and he is awesome...!!!