Thursday, 22 January 2009

Vicariously living through illustrators

Decorating your new condo is hard. Finding nice artwork to match is even harder. When I stumbled upon Samantha Hahn's work, I had to buy it. First, it reminds me of my mother's illustrations when she used to draw and second, she had a lot of red, which is my blast colour. When I emailed Samantha telling her I love her work and I'm a non-practicing illustrator, she responded promptly, and not just with one line. This made me even happier to buy her work because of how genuine she was.

Since I peruse the internet a lot looking for furniture, decent blogs, etc I happened to find Etsy. Dude, it's like handmade ebay! I bought so much stuff from this site, including custom pillows from the wonderful Elizabeth, a coffee table, a vinyl wall sticker and the piece below from the also wonderful Irena Sophia. Irena's piece came in great wrapping paper and the cutest tag. She also hand wrote a thank you note to me. That's service.

I then realized MK's avatar picture is none other than an illustration by Irena Sophia. Destiny? I think so. Do yourself a favour, pay these girls a visit, send them an email, whatever, because they are great and those are the people whose art I like to support.

To buy Samantha's art:

To read her blog:

To buy Irena's art:
Irena's esty shop

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