Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Ma fête

My birthday is coming up. I want this shirt:

But even the Wendy James one is rad since I still can't afford a Balmain jacket and I've scratched it off my list this year.

So far all you homies who said I was picky, I made it easy for you. And if you insist, I'll take the Balmain jacket, or you can at least start helping me save up for it.

Designer: Elena Gallen


  1. baha... the coke one is hirarious

  2. i support all of kate moss' past, present and future endeavours. ha.

  3. Brilliant T, great idea..let's if we can make one for Christian Bale....maybe call it 'Don't FUCK WITH THE LIGHTS' with a silkscreened 'American Psycho' Bale licking blood off his nose.....

  4. you know how much i love american psycho. or that same image you speak of but he says "i need to return some videotapes", hahha, love that line. when are we making fink shirts?