Thursday, 22 January 2009


Last month, my mother phoned me to tell me about this great gift she got me from Coach. Now I'm not fond of Coach (for all you fake purse loving girls it's Goach), but I sincerely appreciate the gesture. Let me rewind back to the eighties and early nineties before proceeding with the story. My mom was an artist with great style and a killer hair cut. She was a total head turning babe. In the nineties, she decided to drop her fine arts degree, switch over to commerce and get a "real" job. By becoming a corporate suit, my mother's style evolved into something that my sister and I don't quite understand. We've classified it as "hodgepodge", translation: she loves the flashy Coach stuff. So when the package arrived, I opened it and immediately panicked. How am I supposed to tell her that if I wore these items I'd look like a member of the newly formed "Baby Lilac Soundcrew"? After minutes of being the subject of mockery by my roommate and ignoring my mother's calls (to ask if I received the package of course), I found, tucked inside the bag, a receipt. Thank you mom, you did something right in this purchase! I quickly headed to the Eaton Centre and discussed my dilemma with the Coach staff. I actually told them I am not a fan of the brand and lilac isn't exactly my colour so I was hoping to get the money instead (hey, I'm broke okay?). But, since mother paid with her credit card, I was offered only store credit. And since I don't like making trips to the mall, I decided to browse and found these:

Amazing aren't they? The cashmere and the cuff is what sold me. I've never been able to find a pair of gloves I like since I lost my beautiful Pegabo ones in a cab two years ago. These babies came to just about the total of all the stuff my mom got me AND I managed to get candy money ($5.10) back. So the next time mommy called, I picked up and told her that I really needed leather gloves so I had to return the other stuff. I also put emphasis on the fact that cashmere was involved. Surely she was upset, but if she saw these gloves, I'm sure she'd understand.

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  1. It's strange, but the some of the only garments I get compliments on, are the ones I've stolen from my mom, and I'm a guy! (I should probably take advantage of my rake-like frame, thanks mom...) Garments include a thrifty little jumper she got when she was in London, and a faux Burberry scaft I snagged before moving out..