Friday, 23 January 2009

DJ Doorbell

My friend Bear and I share many interests, such as music, politics, love, and a certain affection for Mr. Finkelstein. We talk endlessly about various topics, invade each other's walls with links to songs and videos, and scrape the hardwood of the dancefloor whenever we get the chance. This past fall, Bear headed to Norway on exchange and while there, he decided to learn how to dj. Now, DJ Doorbell has released his first trial mix (which he sent to me) and I got so excited that I asked him if I could post it. His response: "that's awfully nice of you to post it on your blog. Put the new edit up, and i'll be your BFF for life..". I thought we were already? I'm so proud of Bear. And now he can add "mad djing skills" on his resume, right beside tall, handsome and painfully intelligent. So click here to download, put your headphones on and don't forget to enjoy.

Bear showcasing his indie good looks and musical skills to the Norwegians

1. Cut Dick - Mr Oizo
2. I am Somebody - Dj Mehdi feat. Chromeo
3. Phantom II - Justice
4. Positif - Mr Oizo
5. Bongo Song - Zongamin
6. Get Innocuous/Someone Great LCD SoundSystem


  1. oh wow i am so weird, i misread 'finkelstein' as 'finkelman', and so i instantly thought of finkelman's 45 .
    you know, the oldies radio program on cbc some nights ? anyways .
    i'm for sure downloading this mix .


  2. How absolutely gorgeous is this boy? And talented aussi! Lucky girl to be his bee-eff-eff!