Monday, 19 January 2009

I'm making this post seem more essential than it actually is

Don't call it a comeback. I've been blogging since mid '07, so I'm not jumping on a trend. I started Ottawa Street Style, and I'm still sort of committed to it, however, I moved to Toronto recently so it's kind of hard to take pictures of street style when I'm not physically there. Now I'm here, semi-anonymous, dropping hints it's me, but still denying it is. Any way, I guess this is a welcome slash who am I post, right? So, some things you may want to know but aren't really THAT important:
  • I'm not one of those bloggers that has a love affair with Paris although they've never visited the country and they make huge grammatical errors in French because they don't speak a word of French. My first language is FRENCH and I've been to Paris, but I'm not obsessed with it, I appreciate the people, culture and history.
  • My ethnic background is as mysterious as the colour of my eyes, and my skin is quite fair. By fair I mean I turn pig colour when attempting to tan and get really freckly. But everyone thinks I'm dark because my hair is.
  • I'm highly educated. Highly means I dropped $25,000 in four years for a B.A. (in mass communications and commerce) and I dropped out of a master's program before the first day.
  • I'm fluent in more than two languages and my eyelashes will break your heart.
  • I love writing in minuscule letters, except when I blog. It feels incorrect.
  • My political affiliations are on the hand I don't write with (read the name smart ass).
  • Unlike 89% of bloggers, I don't have an addiction to Starbucks. I much prefer Second Cup, or Bridgehead, a fair trade coffee house in my hometown.
  • Unlike most of the [female] blogger population, I don't have a fascination with Gossip Girl nor end my posts with xoxo. I haven't had television in eight years and I plan on not having it for another eight or so.
  • I'm short, thin, intimidating and brutally charming. I also happen to be a [semi] assertive woman with an opinion. Does that come as a shock to you?
  • My hair cut is noticeably cool and I live in an apartment I can't [really] afford. I'm not that luxury obsessed and financially deprived however.
  • I'm a raw denim enthusiast and I have trouble throwing pants in the washer. So I don't. I'm excessively clean though. Is that an oxymoron?
  • I'm a bad cook (but I try), I read a lot, I paint walls well and I illustrate.
  • I'm obsessed with gypsies.
  • I've had way too many jobs and sleep way too little.
  • My favourite line is Comme des Garcons, pre the whole H&M fiasco.
  • Sarcasm is my forte, which I'm sure is obvious from the previous points.
And there you have it... a lot of "I'ms" and the most egocentric post that will ever be posted. If you want to send me emails (I love them, oh yes I do), use the button down there. I'll answer quickly, promise.


  1. I feel it neccessary to post a similar thread on my inactive, virgin blog... oh i need some time... wait, i've got a heck load of time!
    Well said YA!

  2. yes you should! i did check out your blog but found nothing. i look forward to reading it when it has content and will gladly link you here.

  3. hurray for Second Cup love! Their caramel correttos blow crummy Starbucks caramel macchiatos out of the water, and my local SC even has a delightful crackling fireplace!

    But I'm afraid Starbucks wins in the 'free wifi' arena.