Monday, 23 February 2009

60 things I recently learned about my friends

My comments are in bold. I'm attempting to relate, but sometimes, I just can't.
  1. I come from a family of 7 kids, where I am the second oldest. - I come from a family of four, where I am the first to be ignored.
  2. I have a scar on my lower lip that makes it difficult to wear lipstick sometimes (people usually don’t notice it until I tell them, which is weird because it is noticeable) - The small lips I enherited make it difficult to wear lipstick. But I love red lipstick so I do it any way
  3. I’m a laugh stealer. I think every time I have made fun of someone’s laugh, I have somehow adopted it into my eclectic laugh, which can very. Currently I have a combination of my uncle’s and Marge Simpsons. But the good thing is when I am genuinely really laughing, like something is knee-slapping hilarious, you can automatically tell. I think my real laugh is cute, and I only wish that was only laugh. - People think my laugh is cathartic
  4. i have the same birthday as Martin Luther King Jr. - Oh yeah, well I have the same birthday as Rihanna (why do I know this?)
  5. I've sat with Paul Martin, Jean Chretien and the Governor General :) - I saw Jean crossing the street in a cheap suit downtown once...
  6. I once drove on the wrong side of the main road, i was LOST - I do this when I find a parking spot on a one way road and don't feel like making a billion turns so I can suffer through a few honks in order to park
  7. I can't spell well, and my excuse is that I have to remember spellings in TWO languages - I can spell well in my third language (English), but I'm horrible with my first and second
  8. I secretly want there to be a 'bed book', just like facebook but not with friends but with people you've slept with!!! haha! No 'bed-friends' in common!- it would be socially revolution - I once wanted to write a book called Memorable hook-ups of people you know
  9. I am lazily ambitious - I am productively ambitious
  10. My mental age is 5 and I'm proud of it. That's why i get along so well with my 5 year old niece! - My energy is equivalent to that of a four year old, that's why I can out play those kids
  11. Im "flirtatiously challenged" ie. Im terrible at flirting - I have this problem with men, no problem seducing les femmes, which are not my sexual preference
  12. I think people falling down is HILARIOUS - Indeed
  13. As of today Ive gone without cable for 7 months - Seven months? Try eight years then come talk to me.
  14. Je réalise que maintenant comment le français est une belle langue, donc tous les francophones n'oublier jamais ça. - C'est vrai
  15. I'm blind as a freaking bat but i can smell things like a bloodhound - Yep, I have that gift
  16. I could draw a nude photo of you like Jack did to Rose on Titanic ... - I could draw an illustration of you, just like that cartoonist on the streets of Vieux Montréal
  17. I'm late for EVERYTHING. If I wake up/leave early I'll still be late - If I attempt to be late, I'll still be early
  18. I only like cleaning when I have an essay or exam looming. - I love cleaning
  19. I started going to university in 1993 and I will be graduating from university in 2009. It has been a very long and convoluted journey but I have no regrets. - I started going to university in 2004, I graduated in 2008, no scenic route for me
  20. I once tried running up to the Queen of England without a diaper on. And I was wearing a dress. And it was windy that day. (I was also 1 or 2 years old) - hahahahaha
  21. I once bumped into Jarvis Cocker of Pulp. It was glorious. I actually touched him. With my body. - I ran into Fab Moretti of the Strokes outside the American Embassy and he told me I had cool hair.
  22. Someone has my initials inside a heart tattooed on their ass (tee hee!) - I once got thanked on an album. That's all i got.
  23. My first album ever was The Fugees The Score - Mine was No Need to Argue by The Cranberries. I was eight.
  24. I wish canadian politics were as interesting as American politics - Western politics are not nearly as interesting as Eastern politics. Regimes, regimes, regimes.
  25. I'm allergic to everything at Yves Rocher - Hilarious
  26. I don't like talking on the phone - I despise talking on the phone, I always "have to go"
  27. One of my favorite outfits when I was 4 or so was some jeans worn with a red windbreaker, open, and no shirt underneath. I think the inspiration may have come from "Knight Rider" or "Magnum P.I.". - Cute
  28. I have a bad habit of letting things burn or cook unattended. - This happened ONCE and it was because SNP and I were deep into conversation. I made her eat the burnt meal afterwards. What a trooper.
  29. When I was 3, I broke into our neighbours house, just to see if they were home. As I recall, when my Mom found out, I was grounded for a week. - I broke into a house when I was sixteen, because my friend (who lived there), forgot her key. We had to climb through the kitchen window and I fell into the sink.
  30. I attended 4 Proms, 1 when i was in grade 11, 2 my graduating year and one after i graduated. (waste of money!!) - I went to prom with a guy who has attended four proms. It's not the guy who wrote that though.
  31. I am part machine! - I've been asked if I am half robot.
  32. I really hate the smell of doritos - Why would anyone want to eat something that smells like feet?
  33. I am born on Bastille Day. I don’t know why I think it is the coolest thing ever. - It is.
  34. God only knows why my mother would tell me this, but I was conceived in Seville, Spain. - I was conceived when there was a power outage. According to my mother, "there was nothing else to do."
  35. Don’t ever ask me to go skating, or skiing, or for a ‘nice walk’ outside in the middle of winter. - Winter should not exist.
  36. When I went to Disney World I made my friend wait in line for 2 hours so that I could get a picture with the Little Mermaid….I was 14 years old. - Commitment
  37. When I was a little kid I would refer to seafood as mermaid. - ahahahahahahahaha. After hours of repeating what I was saying, I wanted to throw my little sister into the Lobster pool, but my parents wouldn't allow it.
  38. I only have Linux installed on my two computers' hard discs and I use one of those machines to run a homebrewed server to power my personal website. Makes sense, the 95+% of what I do with computers is Internet-related. - My undergrad research papers were on open source software, I was called "the open source girl".
  39. I play music via the command line (MPG123 running at 10-15% CPU and under 700kB memory with a full set of keyboard commands) unless I'm listening to Last.FM or podcasts, in which case I'll launch some RhythmBox. -Wow, that has to be one of the most un-interesting things I have ever read.
  40. Though I have no known food or drug allergies, I am allergic to cats, who will unfortunately prevent me from sleeping if I crash in a room where the feline sets foot. Grass will give me rashes if I walk in it bare-footed. - According to KFC, grass is nature's napkin. You're missing out.
  41. I read a fair amount of RSS including (but not limited to) /. Ask the Headhunter, Indexed, Prosopopeya Divagante, a few friends' blogs & hamradio. Most of anything else I get in RSS hasn't been too active lately. You'd probably figure, I use the Linux Feed Reader to enjoy some RSS (it uses Gnome + Gecko and is supported by the Epiphany browser as well as FIreFox). - I hope my blog isn't on your RSS, or else you'll see my comment about how un-interesting the "25 things about me" you wrote is.
  42. I have my hair cut every six to eighteen months. - Splendid, I cut mine once volume starts kicking in. Approximately every two months.
  43. i like the sound my heels make when i walk down the street or a hallway. it makes me feel sophisticated. - I usually look around to see if there are any hookers lurking.
  44. the use of bad grammar or lazy spelling really turns me off. but i don't like the looks of capital letters. - What a coincidence, me too.
  45. i have broken someones heart. only once. - Twice. Or was it three? Maybe four.
  46. my father is famous. for a lot of things including meatloaf and generally having great ideas. well, he thinks they are great ideas. - My father is famous for having a very eerie resemblance to a pseudo-famous person
  47. My great grand father died on the Titanic. - Mine died in the village.
  48. I spilled during Question Period an entire glass of water on Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of Foreign Affairs...yep it was caught on tv...good times....Keep rolling
  49. When I was 6 I had a crush on Jean Charest. (please don't judge me) - I am totally judging you and how unbelievably Québécois you sound right now.
  50. I am one of the world's most pathetic creatures... a Leafs fan - Even though I am now a resident of Toronto, I will never be a Leafs fan. Sens baby.
  51. My Blackberry Brick Breaker high score is 64,790 - Pfft, bubble breaker is so much cooler.
  52. I buried a cabbage patch doll that belonged to a whiny girl from the neighbourhood, way down deep in a playground sandpit. My conscience didn’t eat at me one bit, but my rat of a brother fessed up and got us both pinched. - I once buried a very expensive bottle of perfume behind our backyard because I was angry with my mom.
  53. I Own 38 button down collared shirts, 5 suits and 15 pairs of shoes ( including 1 pair Snake Skin and 1 pair of Lavender shoes, and a lavender suit...and I’m straight) - Oh yes, the lavender set. I recall third year video class when he wore that outfit and the mockery that ensued.
  54. I think philosophy is the study of theories by people with too much time on their hands and not enough ambition to get a real job. Psychology is the study of those people. - Je pense, donc je suis. Deep thoughts of being unemployed=philosophy.
  55. I think we have a lot to learn from our grandparents. - Like how to use olive oil in everything.
  56. I don't like my mother - I like your mother.
  57. I hate the feeling of cotton balls and will not touch them if my life depended on it - I hate the feeling of velveteen.
  58. i often back out on plans with friends. for no reason at all. - Writing that proves to your friends that you lied all those times you backed out.
  59. i also always say sorry for things, even if i didn't do anything to them. people get mad at me for it sometimes, or maybe that's just made up in my head. - Me too.
  60. i've recently developed a fear of public washrooms. i will walk back and forth, looking at all the toilets, until i find one that is clean enough. then i'll put layers of toilet paper on the seat, and try to go as quickly as i can so i'll be able to get off the seat. - I wish they made miniature bottles of Mr. Clean. The moves I have in a public washroom are comparable to a gymnast. I have no formal training.
Here's something about me that I'm going to tell you but is completely unnecessary: I find it would be a lot of fun to hook up with someone while a Giorgio Moroder song plays in the background, That's right, Giorgio Moroder. Don't you judge me.

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