Tuesday, 3 February 2009

About boys and their mothers

In elementary school, I had a boy best friend. We were practically inseparable, until puberty hit. After that, emotions got in the way and we stopped speaking. Then a new chapter opened up called high school and we became friends again. This kid was a total pot head and always had parties at his house and since we had many mutual friends and I was young and needed to party, I’d go. We liked each others company, and although the best was removed from friends, I was happy we were talking again. His mother, on the other hand, was another story. I remember one night in November, after dinner at CafĂ© Republique in Montreal, Dre told me that he told her that his mom told him that she doesn’t want me coming over anymore. Basically, his mom was putting her mind into that of a sixteen year old’s (pretty stupid). I stopped hanging out at his house and we still talked, but not as much. I was at another high school anyway. He's really into pot and shit I grew out of. I kind of felt like he'd never grow up and as far as I know, he's still the same. It's been over three years since I've hung out with him, and a year since I ran into him on the street. He's on my facebook but I rarely keep in touch. It's funny how his mom didn't want him hanging out with me because I was a "bad influence" yet now if she actually knew what I was doing, she'd understand what a mistake she made to distance me from his life. Ever since I lost him as a best friend, I think of the term "best friend" as something only third graders use. And to whoever marries this guy, good luck with your mother in law.


  1. wow, that blows .
    but sort of funny that the tables turned .

    & the lookbook is from sophomore nyc :]


  2. oh thanks so much! all day i wasted looking through my moleskin for the name!