Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Your heart feels

When I was younger and thought I was invincible (we're young, nothing can kill us!), I used to do some pretty stupid things (I won't name them, you've all probably done a majority of them). And I was so evasive that I couldn't even sign a phone contract. It's true, some of my most memorable "escaping commitment lines" sounded something like:

"You're so predictable, I mean, I even know what our children will look alike. That's just boring, ya know?"

And, my personal favourite,

"I say lots of things I don't mean. Like I love you for example."
"Then why did you say it?"
"Cause I was raised to be polite. Saying thank you after you said you loved me is just rude."

If you're about to break up with a significant other, I highly suggest against using the latter. It's hurtful and only appropriate when you're a teenager (somewhat). But for someone who has managed to escape most of her past behaviour, and recently started committing (mortgage baby), I sure as hell like charming, evasive men who, I'm aware, will break my heart. I like them because they remind me of me. Which brings me to today's lesson - why you shouldn't be honest about your feelings after finally deciding to be honest about them: Even though they might feel the same way about you, there's always a "but". Why hurt and embarrass yourself to hear what you want and then get a "but"? Forget everything Hollywood taught you because it's bullshit. Or to summarize it, avoid evasive men, they are the definition of why love and trouble are synonymous.


  1. i 100% disagree! LOL put it out there. if there is a "but", the power comes back to you to decide your fate. you may not like what you hear but at least you can make a choice. why delude yourself into believing things are a certain way when they aren't? ignorance is bliss - until you find out the truth when you are already sucked in and it hurts 14 times more.

  2. Ahh, you speak the words of absolute truth, cherie. I agree.

  3. you're too wise .

    & i still feel invincible, i wonder when that feeling will dissipate ..