Monday, 9 February 2009

Melting in your vice dreams

I go to Carte Blanche often, and although I know I SHOULDN'T because I really SHOULD be saving money, I can't help it. I have a fascination with denim, good service and fantastic conversation and this place happens to be a combination of all three. Last week, I had to get the button replaced on my high waisted jeans and while at the store, I spotted this gorgeous Lungta de Fancy dress on the mannequin. I had to have it. Not so much had, but WANTED. So the next day, I messaged Esther, an employee at the store, and got the information about the dress. Although it was 50% off, let's just say the sale price was out of my range, but I bought it any way. Tania, the designer of the in-house brand Pink Cobra, offers alterations, you know just so you don't have a wardrobe malfunction...indeed convenient. What more can you ask for in a clothing store? I mean where else can you get a) dresses that make boys want to knock on your papa's door asking for your hand in marriage, b) good service and c) cupcakes? Okay they don't offer cupcakes, I just threw that in there for potential future sales pitch.

If you haven't been, go. You'll keep going back and they'll like you, and in turn like me. Go, go, go, go! And if you're still not convinced, here's a few more reasons to visit the store: The in-house brand Pink Cobra, alongside producing some wonderful pieces, can make you custom raw jeans (I got some) AND Carte Blanche is the only retailer in Canada that carries April 77, Jean-Pierre Braganza and Gareth Pugh.

Oh but wait, they also carry:
And you get to meet the wonderful staff. Ça suffit, non? I just hope they consider carrying Sophomore NYC soon.

Carte Blanche: 758 Queen Street West, 416-532-0347,


  1. champagne and cupcakes, on queen w.
    actually does sell cupcakes while you shop!

  2. ouuhh i really want to go .
    jeremy loves ksubi ?! yes please .
    and they should offer cupcakes ;]

    oh, and isn't junior boys playing coachella ? i thought that's what i heard ..


  3. don't know if they are, but i know they are playing a dj set at the social on saturday and playing mod club on march 28-29!

  4. beautiful beautiful shirt! now i definitely need to check this place out next week! i just checked out their site and i'm excited for c-neeon!