Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Get ready

SNP, this one's for you, because you said my joke/comment was not funny. If this doesn't make you giggle, I owe you a lemon tart.

With all those social networking websites taking over the Internet and overshadowing great grad school topics for the media studies program (curse them), I’ve decided to feature facebook album names, you know, since I've already talked about statuses (I'm not done, more statuses to come). Don’t jump to conclusions, I’ve found an interesting way of entertaining my readers, even if it means laughing at a few of my friends’ antics (which are technically no longer private if they are brought to life on the internet, a public sphere which they have given me clear access to!)

Albums are another pile of gold via the book we call face. People with originality (I claim to be one of the pioneers of being original with your facebook album title), try and find new names to describe the contents of the album. I am going to shamelessly peruse through my friends’ profiles and exploit their album names, whether creative or not.

Oh, I won’t be revealing any people’s names in order to maintain a solid social life and the anonymity of those whose album names I am exposing.

P.P.S: I am keeping the spelling mistakes - yes, people still manage to misspell even though your browser tells you its worng, I mean wrong.

Also, many thanks to a friend whose friends had absolutely the best material for this post.

description: what a night... we got no sleep lol
Location: downtown mtl nd our hotel

more photos? crazy
description: we're fucking rad.
Location: pluto.

moments of silence...separated sisters

Scent of Attraction photoshoot
Location: Montreal,Qc

The Arctic + VanCity n a quickie in O-Town


description: i miss you bitches but no more rape please
Location: yourmom whaataaaaa

Second time her collarbone tripped over my shoelaces not enough to make a full album so stuck a few loose ones in
Location: eeeerywhere

Bronze skin n cinammon tans♥

description: All about me!
Location: In me

office drudgery leads to this
description: liiiiiiiittle bit bored this morning at work

CAmping with men
description: Yeah
Location: JR

The Triad Mafia having some fun

sex cupcakes and lumberjacks

Pad Thai for 2 $
Location: Montreal

Summer times 2008 - I swear i only had 4 beers....
description: stolen photos from other peeps

Mine and Lovers camping vaca

Graduation -Woo! I Have a Diploma!
description: Pictures of the day I received a really expensive piece of paper.

You know its been a good trip when the story ends with AND THEN

Don't have time to sort them
description: Ya it's a whole bunch of pictures from different places.

4th year ("epically drunk")
description: alexander keith's birthday - patty bolands/halloween/new years '08 at republic


Pink is the new puppy!
description: first pics of my future bundle of joy lol

no drama birthday party!

T-dot once again..."the double bag night"

Glaston - motherfuckin - bury

We went out with a BANG...literally

Life Life 2 Random Pictures in My Phone

Just Didn't know where to go do we realy need an excuse to go out? No!
Location: Who knows

BIG MAN Random Limo! LADIES NIGHT OUT...Frickin love them women

Poping missionz in QC city wit Tasha!!!
Location: Quebec city/ Palladium/ Palace/Dagobert

Get2Gether 4 Kathryn's bday
Soul/ Lonestar/Sadiki's House

Thats what we do between our FINALS!!!!

random day...take pics ..because we're just cool like that
Location: OttawaU

GWENS BDAY PARTY 1848/Money in the banks

I got my drink and my 2 step ...its on.... like my 22nd Bday

Random Nite of jus FUN wit 4Korners
NOIR Party

We Did it Again Ladies
My Bday Week with my Lover and Friends!!!

Wkd wit my Baby (Bx - Ottawa)

Blame it on the goose, Got cha feeling loose!

|R //=\\ ||\\|| || )) (( ))||\V/||
Description: Candices party-- wanted to take more photos but toonie stole my camera and took solo pics or herself
Location: places

One of my friends has some pretty creative ones:

Kenya dig it??? African lion safari
Description: grrrr baby very grrr!
Location: Maasai Mara - Kenya

Project Drunkway!!
Description: I think the name speaks for itself ;)
Location: everywhere

Smile like you're not a creeper


  1. i made it all the way to "glaston - motherfuckin - bury" before i collapsed in giggles. do i still get a lemon tart?

  2. hahahaha. ok, i'll get you a tart at the 3rd edition of dinner party when you get back.