Friday, 6 February 2009

Much too cool for 7th grade

Can someone please tell me why this show is off the air? Do you think they'll release a DVD box set?

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  1. I used to watch this show religiously along with Doug and Mighty Ducks as part of CTV's One Saturday Morning!! For some reason, one line sticks out in one of Pepper Anne's musical episodes about chicken, maybe another YuppieActivist fan can corroborate it, but the line read 'I like chicken even when it's wet!'. I think they were just looking for a word that rhymed with an 'et' sound. But it's only of my only memories from the 7th grade.

  2. AHHHH PEPPERANN! Funny, I remember One Saturday Morning. I liked Recess. Particularly because there was the group of girls called The Ashleys... and then they found out that Spinelli's real name was Ashley and all heck broke loose.

  3. I remember this show...
    My sister was a huge fan, and being non-confrontational, i would listen to whatever TV she watched on sat. morning...
    Okay hold up... her sibling... That was a girl right? or was that a dude? dudette maybe?
    Doug was a classic indeed!
    Speaking of cartoons... anyone remember Hey Arnold on the OLD YTV???? Great show...

  4. oh I loved doug! and yes "Hey Arnold" he was always called "football head" haha!
    it was a girl i think, but she was the poster girl for the gender confused me thinks.

  5. oh and the Ashley's group seems to be an ode to Heathers, but for kids, right?