Monday, 2 February 2009

You've already shocked me

Oh boy, Calvin Klein has done it again: they’ve managed to get their ads banned in the USA with a campaign that I personally find is way more worthy of the word provocative than the one with Eva Mendes’ nipple. Advertising CK jeans on television for the first time since Brooke told us that nothing comes between her and her Calvins, CK’s latest “all about ménage à trois” campaign was shot by Steven Meisel and features models Anna Jagodzinska, Anna Selezneva, Natashy Poly, Edita Vilkeviciute, Danny Schwarz, Vladimir Ivanov, Carson Parker and Mikus Lasmanis. This will surely do their careers some good, if you recall CK was the reason Kate became so popular.

Here's my only problem with this: CK has been banned before and you'd think they'd stop using boob and nipple cameos in their campaigns to get their commercials approved in the US but no. They WANT to be banned, they like the whole idea of supposed controversy. I find it's getting a bit old and boring. Isn't advertising about being avant garde and not putting out something you know is going to get you banned just like before? Stop recycling content. You've already gotten banned before, if you want to advertise, you can still be controversial without getting your commercial pulled. It's like those Trump showcards from last season that unecessarily used nudity to get attention. CK could've maintained this commercial's sex appeal by editing out a few things.

An edited version of the commercial for cable is still in progress, while Italy, Spain, Germany and France will air the uncut version (when do the Euros ever ban content any way?). The print campaign will begin appearing in magazines starting March.

Watch the banned video by clicking here. Warning, it may turn you on and is definitely labelled NSFW.

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  1. THREESOMES RULE! so do femmy boys.

  2. I completely agree- this ad is a snore. Not only does it look completely orchestrated but it fails to be imaginative. It's totally forgettable. I wonder if guys like this ad more than gals-?

    I must also add that I quite like the new Beckham ad pics for Emporio Armani, and the fact that the couple is shot separately further enhances the sex appeal.
    - Johanne