Friday, 13 February 2009

Yesterday my life was filled with rain

Hate to look like I'm replicating blog posts, or old videos of maman et papa I found in the basement, however, it just dawned on me that I totally forgot about one essential themed party I should host:

The party room in my building will be converted into 254 West 54th Street and have a man in the moon with a cocaine spoon on the wall, making sure people know that it's the 1970s, Boney M will be blasting and this is Studio 54. To keep it real, I'll charge $8 cover like they used to do. As for the guests, I'm curious to know who will come dressed as Steve Rubbell and Ian Schrager? Mick and Bianca Jagger? Jerry Hall? Liza? Halston? Grace Jones? Zsa Zsa? Capote? Someone even has to be the notorious doorman Marc Benecke and refuse entry to those whose costumes, well, umm, suck per say.

Oh but wait, how about a John Hughes' classics themed party? This includes characters from any movie he directed, written or produced. Dibs on being Ferris Bueller, in case you were thinking about stealing my costume.

love love

image source: NY Times and

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