Monday, 9 February 2009

Suddenly my scenery has changed

Sometimes, you hear a song that just accompanies the soundtrack of your life. In my short lifetime, I've found two, both of them featured in fantastic films you should watch. The first is featured in Richard Linklater's Before Sunset, one of my favourite films. In the closing scene , Nina Simone’s “Just in Time” plays in the background. The use of this song in that particular scene just sends shivers down your body because it works so well and then abruptly, the screen goes black and the film ends. No need to explain the ending, you just get it.

The other song is quite possibly the most difficult one to find. I’ll take the vinyl if someone has it at this point...I just need it! Charlie Smalls’ "Never Felt Like This Before" is featured in Faces by John Cassavetes, another one of my favourite films. Although some may think the scenes are exhausting due to their length, I feel they are filled with so much reality and sadness that I refuse to watch them end. You'll also fall in love with Gena Rowlands in this film, she reminds me of Monica Vitti in it. The first time the viewer hears music in the film is around 40 minutes in and so Cassavetes was precise about his song selections. He made the right choice with this one. The voice, the lyrics...just bliss! "Cause you knew what I was after, Now the crying’s changed to laughter, What you doin’ standing way over there? I want you to come stand over here, and never leave me anymore, never felt like this before."

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