Sunday, 1 February 2009


Why do some people (you know which ones) always patronize you for supposedly liking and suggesting other things, which they interpret as you just being "difficult?" For example, when it comes to them, they expect you to be okay with and perform the following:
  • Going to see crappy movies THEY like (such as Fools Gold, Anchor Man, Wanted, and other such terrible Hollywood titles that make me cry because I want my $10 back)
  • Listening to their horrible music
  • Dancing at their favourite nightclubs (if I wanted to listen to bad music I would turn the radio on or borrow your i-pod)
  • Watching their boring television shows (I'll sit and make fun of it but they take this shit seriously)
  • To sit and attempt conversation with their un-interesting and blah friends
  • Appreciate Beyonce's style
  • Eating at their crummy and usually expensive restaurants (it's gotta be good, it's expensive! NO IT'S NOT. Can we go to a restaurant that's anything but Italian?)
  • Shopping at their favourite stores (I don't think taking advice from someone who believes Beyonce has good style is acceptable for my fashionable reputation)
  • Reading celebrity tabloid magazines
  • To believe that InStyle and Cosmo are legitimate fashion publications. What next, I have to sit and enjoy Anna Wintour's Vogue?
  • To sit and enjoy American Vogue and other magazines that never have models on the cover
  • Laughing at the jokes of an unbelievably un-funny comedian (i.e. Dane Cook)
But when you suggest something like an album, a film or a fashion magazine that has a model on the cover instead of a celebrity, (and they obviously end up hating it because who wants to see spreads full of models wearing clothes anyway?) you get brutalized for it for eternity. Why should I be okay with your junk and if I insult it I'm being "condescending" but you have the right to insult my stuff and I should accept your critique because I'm supposedly "different"? Lame, lame, lame.

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