Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Love Affair: Illy Coffee

There aren't many benefits to working in Liberty Village, a neighbourhood still in the midst of gentrification, but there is one: Illy Coffee. Newly opened School Bakery & Cafe serves Illy Coffee. It's pure quality and oh so delicious! As one of my co-workers said, "this coffee is magic!"

The company even has a chain of Italian-style coffee houses named “espressamente illy”. The coffee house was founded in 2003 and the concept was designed by architects Luca Trazzi, Claudio Silvestrin and Paola Navone. Today, there are over 150 cafés in 20 countries. You can also purchase Illy Coffee to make at home at Metro and Kitchen Table for $13.99, or visit their online store. Illy coffee is also served at B Espresso. I just can't get enough.

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